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A Look into the History of Acupuncture

When old healing practices are concerned, none are as celebrated as acupuncture. Originating in Ancient China, acupuncture has enjoyed a reputation as an effective way to improve general well-being. Even in the age of modern medicine, this ancient procedure is still popular among the old and the young. But what makes acupuncture so enduring? And

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Helpful Tips to Keeping Your Long Hair Healthy

All of us have heard that our hair is our crowning glory—and it still rings true today. While hairstyles may come and go, one thing will always remain the same: the majority of us love to have strong and long hair. In fact, both sexes alike wish to keep their locks in great shape. All

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Why Should You Increase Your Water Intake?

It is no secret that doctors, health experts, scientists, fitness gurus, yogis and yoginis, and just about anyone with common sense will tell you to drink as much water as you can every day. In fact, increasing your fluid intake has so many benefits that it is a wonder why so many people don’t do it.


A Nightly Routine for a Healthier Life

Regardless of what you have to do during the day, you have to prioritize health every time. It needs to translate into your actions, your habits, your hobbies, and your responsibilities. Leading a healthy life is a lifetime commitment that will present you with a challenging path to stick to, but you have to do

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Glow With the Flow: IV Hydration Treatments That You Need to Try Out

Could re-hydration through an IV drip really replenish lost fluids and leave you feeling better and more energized? IV infusions claim to aid your body’s healing process as the vitamins and nutrients are delivered straight into the bloodstream. It also claims to deliver a range of health and wellness benefits that can boost your body’s immune system

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Beauty Everlasting: Life Changes You Should do for Lasting Beauty

Many people nowadays are scared of growing old because of how it will affect their looks. This fear is part of how sophisticated we have become as a species. The way we look has become so integral and integrated with our survival that we do our best to keep ourselves looking the best we can

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Top Beauty Trends Experts Predict Will Dominate the New Decade

Although it will be a while until life reverts to ‘normal’ in the new decade, there are a couple of glimmers of hope in the new year—and beauty trends are one of them. So, in the spirit of moving forward and starting the year off with great style and fashion, the following are the biggest

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Suffering From Hair Loss? Styling Tricks for Thicker-Looking Tresses

Women make up forty percent of Americans suffering from hair loss, even though it’s often thought to be a predominantly male disease. Hair loss among women can be due to a variety of reasons, from hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or birth control pills to alopecia. The good news is that several styling options can

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Chemicals to Look for in Your Anti-aging Products

Buying skincare products can be a confusing experience. There are so many options to choose from that you get lost in ingredient jargon. Those words aren’t even hard to pronounce. No one has the time to scrutinize the list of ingredients written in minuscule science while shopping. But these are some of the essential chemicals


Share the Love: The Best Kinds of Gift Givers You Should Be Like

If there’s one very familiar custom people almost always get wrong, it would be gift-giving. There are so many holidays and life events in a year, opportunities to be better at buying stuff for friends and loved ones, and yet we still suck at it. Christmas or Valentine’s rolls in and people grow agitated, scuffling

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