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Why You Should Finally Put the ‘Pineapple on Pizza’ Debate to Rest

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If you are a foodie, or just simply a pizza lover, it should not be surprising for you to come across one of the most controversial food debates in recent years: should pineapple be on pizza or not? The whole buzz about this pineapple on pizza thing started at around 2017.

This is when the President of Iceland expressed his negative sentiments towards pineapples as toppings on pizza to the point where he would “ban them” if he could. This comment escalated quickly, driving the internet to madness and extreme divisiveness.

This went even to the extent of the President extending his sincerest apologies to all pineapple lovers of the world. He went on to explain what he really meant by that comment by saying that he does like pineapples, but not when it is mashed with pizza!

Now the cost to open a pizza chain business is now at a higher stake considering this whole debate. Either people drool in hunger and craving when they see pineapple on pizza on a pizza store’s menu, or they throw up in disgust!

It seems like there is no middle ground with this entire debate considering even up to this day it has continued to divide people, and tested many friendships. However, it essential to know that every human being differs from each other in a lot of ways.

Different persons, different opinions, and different persons certainly have different taste buds! What may look good to you, may not look good to others, and vice versa, and what may taste good to you, may not taste that good to others!

This whole ‘every human is different’ exempts nothing, not even this entire pineapple on pizza debate! So, instead of ending friendships over something so ridiculous, this list will feature both the pros and cons of having pineapple on pizza. Buckle up, and know that you are free to agree and disagree!

Pros of Having Pineapple as a Pizza Topping

  • Generally, there are types of pizza that are sour and contains meat that blends its saltiness altogether, so the addition of pineapples would complement those two flavors with its sweetness!
  • Pineapples are sweet, which means it could be the reason you would not easily grow tired of eating your pizza
  • Pineapples are acetic and also adds an extra flavor to the pizza, and beautiful yellow touch on its appearance.
  • Pineapples on pizza also give the impression of having a ‘healthier choice’, on top of all of that meat.

Cons of Having Pineapple as a Pizza Topping

Friends eating pineapple pizza

  • When you save pizzas with pineapples for the next day and decide to reheat it, the pineapples start to taste weird and not as fresh.
  • One con of pineapples on pizza is that they are soggy, which often results in a soggy pizza. They also do not blend well with tomato sauce.
  • Some pizza purists think that a pizza should only contain cheese, marinara sauce, and other meat. Others just do not appreciate the juicy and watery extract of pineapples.
  • The sweetness of pineapples could very well be its own con as much as it is its own pro. The contradicting flavors of the pizza sauce and its sweetness may taste weird to others and not as delicious!

Whether or not you love pineapple on your pizza, the moral of the story here is this: If you love and enjoy something, there is no need to go beyond insulting words to explain it. People are different!

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