Bad Health Habits Make You Look Bad, Literally

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Sure, some would argue that there’s a lot more you should be caring about than just looks and appearances given the challenges faced today, but what many people fail to realize is that outward appearance is also a common indicator of health and wellness. So, even though it might come off as very surface-level on paper, there’s a lot more to care about the way you look when you actually highlight the aspects that matter and what they mean.

Specifically, a lot of your bad health habits immediately reflect on your body, and while said effects may not happen instantaneously the second you commit a foodie sin or miss a glass of water, these demerits stack up over time. So, before you cut back on your sleeping time again and order takeout for the sake of “convenience,” you might want to double-check on how well your body’s fairing first before you complete any of those activities.

Your Body Always Takes Score

While we despise people who always manage to bring up the past in an argument, your body always takes score, and when it comes to learning from the consequences of your actions, there’s no one else to blame but yourself. As a result, people often notice these drastic changes far too late, wherein they’re already chest-deep, while stuck thinking that there’s nothing else they can do but accept it. So, to help raise awareness, here are some of the bad habits you should be on the lookout for:


  • Sleep Deprivation Makes You Look Sad And Unapproachable: Times are stressful, and as a result, more and more people are cutting back on their dedicated sleep hours to crunch extra work and meet deadlines. However, while that may sound like the objective solution necessary to solve the problem, constantly defaulting to a sleep-deprived state makes you look sad and unapproachable. Sure, there are moments when burning the midnight candle is justifiable, but it shouldn’t be a common occurrence because you’ll start looking paler than ever before and run the risk of burning out.
  • Not Enough Water Causes Your Skin To Look Out Of Place: We are more than guilty of enjoying our fair share of fizzy drinks, delicious juices, and choice of cocktails, but we should never replace the goodness of water with any of these drinks. You see, water plays the essential role of keeping you hydrated, awake and making sure your skin is healthy. And the second you start missing out on your daily requirements, your skin will look and feel a lot drier, not to mention that you’ll tire out way faster.
  • Constant Exposure To Stress Adds To Your Wrinkles: In addition to the sleep deprivation aspect of work mentioned above, another associated factor you’ll want to watch out for is constant exposure to stress. Of course, we can’t avoid stress if your work environment is all about high pressure and meeting deadlines fast, but this comes at the cost of you aging much faster than anyone else. And while some wrinkles look good on people, we think nobody wishes they were much older than their actual age.
  • Poor Diet Plans Dampen Your Energy And Radiance: Last but not least, one of the fundamental factors that promote health and wellness is a good diet plan, and any poor eating habits will immediately take away your glow. For example, a person who balances their intake of veggies, fruits, and lean meat will have nothing to worry about, but if you exchange these meals for processed food, you’ll put on unnecessary weight and feel lethargic. Plus, expect that you’ll need to take a trip to the dentist to have your teeth checked out.

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Please, Don’t Try Knocking Them All Out In One Go

Furthermore, before you start working your way down the list of bad health habits mentioned above, we strongly recommend that you do it one by one and not just all at once. You see, fixing your habits is a journey and unlearning them takes time, so saying that you can get rid of them at a snap of your fingers is impossible and unsustainable. So, please take your time and start as early as possible.

  • Start Small And Celebrate The Little Victories: For starters, we recommend that you choose the easiest one first and slowly work your way up the bad habit ladder until the final boss is all you have left. Remember, any incremental changes will make you look and feel better over time, and soon enough, you’ll radiate like an entirely new person. Plus, don’t forget to celebrate your wins as well.
  • Work With A Partner To Keep You Accountable: Doing things alone can get difficult at times, so if you have someone you can trust or rely on, then we recommend working with a partner to keep you accountable. Nothing beats having someone tag along and experience the journey with you, and when you do feel down, you’ll have each other to bring back your motivation.

Health Isn’t Just Wealth But Also Builds Your Outward Appearance.

Overall, we want to remind everyone that looking your best also has some direct connections with health and wellness, so it might be time you check yourself out as well. And while you might not stack up to Idris Elba anytime soon, you might just crack the code into becoming the best version you want to be.

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