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Winter Vacation Packing Hacks

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Two more months before the yuletide season, and everyone’s starting to get hyped. After the past couple of years the world has had, there’s nothing wrong with a craving for a relaxing holiday. And one of the most alluring vacations you could have is a white Christmas.

But having the best time in winter wonderlands isn’t a breeze. To avoid unnecessary hassles and unwarranted complications, preparations must be done.

With that in mind, here are five winter vacation packing hacks to help you have a worry-free holiday and three bonus tips to make it extra safer.

Waterproof your luggage and bags

You wouldn’t want to get your clothes wet. Snow can spread anywhere, and once you get to a warm place, the snow on top of your bags will surely melt. Avoid getting your clothes soaked by spraying waterproof solutions on the outer surface of your luggage.

Using vacuum-sealed plastic bags and containers for your documents and gadgets will also come in handy. It will keep your essentials safe and help compress bulky items simultaneously, giving you more space for packing.

You can also use garbage bags to cover your suitcase. They’re cheap, and you most probably have them right now. Using them to keep your possessions dry won’t hurt. Plus, you can always repurpose them for your wet clothes or your trash.

Pack warmth

Freezing is one of the most important things you have to avoid. Always pack clothes that can give you warmth. Ideally, packing black clothes can help keep you warm. As long as the sun’s around, the chances of staying warm increase since black clothing articles can absorb more heat compared to those of other colors.

Another thing to avoid is rental winter sports gear. You don’t know who used them before you, and you don’t know if it’s been sanitized before you use them. Buying ski gear and equipment can also save you more money if you do it off-season. There will likely be more sales for boys’ ski jackets, women’s fleece jackets, Smartwool socks, and anti-bacterial, heat-providing rash guards.

Pro-tip: Wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothes for the flight so you can save more space for other things.

Pack lip balms and moisturizers

Chapped lips and dry skin often come with a few days of winter adventure. Lip balms and moisturizers may not be as effective against frostbites, but there’s nothing wrong with taking extra precautions for your lips and skin. Moisturizing your hands, feet, elbows, and joints can help make it a more comfortable experience.

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Bring more than three thermoses

Nothing beats the cold-induced shivering more than a hot beverage. Warming up starting from the inside is more effective and efficient. Make sure you always have the option of drinking warm tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or even just warm water at any time of the day.

Why three, though? Having backups in case one goes missing or gets destroyed is always better than not having any. But most importantly, thermoses aren’t only used for drinking. They can also serve as heaters. Just place them inside your pockets or even directly against your skin. Having more than one might be what saves your life in case of emergencies.

Bring portable batteries

Speaking of emergencies, having a power bank is a must whenever you travel. But its importance elevates to greater heights when you hike snowy mountains. The cold affects your phones’ batteries. A sudden drop in temperature can cause the battery to drain faster than normal. And whether it’s for taking amazing selfies or calling for help, always having a backup power supply for your phone is vital.

Make sure you charge your portable batteries while you’re in the lodging area and keep them in warm and enclosed areas when you go out.

Book the trip early

It’s very simple. Booking the trip during off-seasons can help save money. And if that means getting enough extra budget to afford that reindeer ride for your baby, then you probably should do it.

Do it not only because it’s financially safer but also because it opens up opportunities for more fun activities and more efficient planning.

Always turn your GPS on

You can get lost. Your partner and your children can get lost. Unless you have eyes at the back of your head, there will always be a risk of you being separated from your group. If that happens, having all of your GPS turned on might just save your lives.

Be careful while snapping

Of course, you’ll spend hours taking pictures. Nowadays, a vacation isn’t complete without you posting it online. And as fun as it seems, make sure that you’re still careful when taking pictures. Be alert with your surroundings. Don’t mess around with frozen lakes, even if they’re instagrammable. And avoid taking pictures of people without consent.

Remember that no matter how much you’re enjoying yourselves, your and your family’s safety should always come first.

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