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Travel and Healing: The Best Spots to Rejuvenate the Mind and Body

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While 2020 took everyone off guard, 2021 was the year when people slowly managed to regain their footing and get back on the horse. Within almost thirty-four months, all everyone did was throw themselves into the hustle and bustle. If you were to argue that the home quarantines and extended lockdown periods at least provided a buffer and a much-needed breathing space, then that’s only partially true.

Even though most people were at home and safe from the virus, it’s an experience far from relaxing. Considering how within just days, most individuals had to leave their offices and work remotely with no guarantee that they’d get to keep their jobs or if anything would ever go back to normal. So if anything, 2021 was just as equally stressful as the year before it.

Since 2020 was a tricky part of history and 2021 was when people made significant lifestyle changes, you should dedicate the upcoming year to healing by treating yourself to luxurious vacation spots.

Below are some popular destinations if you’re traveling to heal and get rid of stress and anxiety.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

This famous aquatic location not only refreshes your mind but your body, as well. The Blue Lagoon has geothermal seawater in a volcanic landscape backdrop, which can exfoliate and do wonders to your skin and treat your eyes to jaw-dropping visuals.

One thing’s for sure, once you get back from your trip, you’ll have glowing skin and a well-rested mind.

Italy’s Gastronomic Treats

Italy is one of the world’s most popular tourist spots to visit, given that it’s widely known for its art and historical sites. But apart from those, you should also tour this place to treat your taste buds.

When people think of Italy when it comes to food, pasta mostly comes to mind, but pizza is a must-try. The first-ever pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, located in Naples, deserves a spot in your itinerary, as well as the delicious sweet gelatos from well-known shops.

India’s Ashrams

Some people equate healing with inner peace and connecting with higher beings, and if it’s what you’re yearning for, then visiting a monastic community is the kind of getaway you need.

As shown in the movie ‘Eat Pray Love,’ an ashram helps you find inner peace through yogic teachings and other religious practices. By spending time at an ashram, you’d get to let go of the things that burden you and live more freely.

Bali’s Rich Landscapes

Bali, Indonesia, also boasts sacred temples and rich landscapes ready for you to take shelter at once life gets too much. But unlike India, here, you get to combine luxury and faith, given how this island also teems of beaches and resorts you can come to during your stay.

With the best of both worlds, you can receive the type of healing you need and come back with a rejuvenated mind and body.


Experience the Magic of Japan’s Onsens

Again, with healing in mind, spa-like services can give you the relaxation you yearn for. Japan’s onsens are some of the best destinations you can find.

Hot springs can relieve muscle tension and help your body relax. With onsens usually located in natural landscapes, you get to hit two birds with one stone by naturally treating your mind and body.

See Scotland’s Past Monarchy

Some of the most exciting parts of history hail from Europe and its long line of the monarchy. If we’re talking about past royalty, Scotland should be a part of the conversation. This country abounds with colossal mountains and sprawling green plains, making it the perfect backdrop should you decide someday to tie the knot amidst a natural landscape.

You can also hold your wedding and record the event with the help of a company with wedding videography services. This way, you can preserve precious memories. Besides being a place for healing, the sights you can witness in Scotland make it the best place for various occasions.

France’s Scattered Cinemas

Aside from the stereotypical baguette, fine cuisine, the Eiffel tower, and art museums, you’ll likely stumble upon small cinemas during your stroll around French cities. France has a formidable and enduring film industry. Their titles may not equal Hollywood blockbuster hits, but their films are of a different high-quality caliber cinema enthusiasts will enjoy.

If you’re a film buff, France is the perfect place for you. You can even enjoy the local movie scene and practice your French by visiting some of the many historical cinemas around the country.

Traveling is even more enjoyable when you want to get something out of the destinations you’re visiting. Whether you’re going on an adventure, healing, or learning more about a place’s culture and history, one thing is for sure: you’ll broaden your views and change your lifestyle for the better.

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