Cheese Please: Eating Cheese Can Help Your Teeth

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A young woman eating a slice of cheese While cheese is a common topping in many tasty dishes, it can also do wonders for your oral health. This dairy product contains calcium, which can neutralize mouth acids and even prevent cavities. It is important to note that there more 1,000 than types of cheese available and not all of them offer the same benefits.

Best Types of Cheese

Cheddar is a great because of its high alkali content. This means that it can raise the pH level of the mouth, which then protects the teeth from enamel erosion and cavities. Avon family dentistry centers note that you don’t need to eat a big chunk of this dairy product to improve your oral health; a small piece is enough.

Other types of cheese good for teeth include:

  • Monterey Jack
  • Roquefort
  • Gorgonzola

High pH Level Equals Healthy Mouth

A study published in General Dentistry notes that participants who ate cheese showed a rapid increase in pH levels in the mouth. Test subjects who consumed other dairy products, like milk and yogurt, exhibit no changes in pH levels. Researchers believe that eating cheese increases saliva production, which helps the body maintain the ideal pH level.

Not So Beneficial Cheeses

Softer cheeses like feta and brie, however, don’t offer much benefit to your oral health. Those with reduced sugar content and additional sugar or sodium are not good for your teeth. These include cheese sprays and pre-packaged cheese sauces or dips. Serving carbohydrate-loaded dishes with cheese, furthermore, is not ideal since carbs can lower your mouth’s pH level.

Mind Your Diet and Hygiene

Eating cheese, however, is not a substitute for brushing and flossing. You still need to brush twice a day and floss once daily to keep your teeth and mouth clean. It is also best to avoid or limit consumption of acidic and sugary beverages that can wear away enamel and discolor your teeth. These drinks also increase your risk of having cavities or decay.

Apart from eating cheese a snack, don’t forget to consume a balanced diet. You should also visit your dentist for checkups and professional teeth cleaning.

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