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Practical Ways to Assist a Friend Who Is Facing Arrest

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Facing arrest can be frightening, especially for individuals experiencing it for the first time. If your loved one is in such a dilemma, you should take the right measures to avoid worsening the situation. How can you help an individual facing arrest?

Stay Calm

It is paramount that you do not make a scene when your loved one is getting arrested. Arguing with the arresting officer can see you pile up charges. For instance, the office is likely to indicate that your loved one resisted arrest. Whether the detention is warranted or not, it is essential that both of you do not panic. It is also vital not to get aggressive. If you intervene violently, you are likely to be arrested alongside your friend for obstructing justice.

Ask About the Reason for the Arrest

woman in front of a judge in a courtDo not make any assumption regarding whether your loved one is under arrest or not. Sometimes, the police want to question an individual. If there is no reason for them to arrest them, they can only question your loved one for a specific amount of time. In case they are arresting him or her, you should inquire regarding the name of the charge. It is essential to make notes. This is because you might need some of the facts later to challenge the validity of the case.

Asking the arresting officer where they would be taking your loved one for booking is essential. It helps avoid the inconveniences that come with having to look for them physically. While it can work, it might affect how fast you get your loved one from jail. Your friend is likely to call you from prison after they are booked. It is vital that both of you do not discuss anything that might be used against them later.

Seek the Services of a Lawyer

Your loved one should only speak with a lawyer present. A lawyer ensures that their rights are not breached in any way. If you cannot afford a lawyer, your friend is still entitled to a public defender. You should advise them to wait for one before speaking to the police. If they prefer hiring their own lawyer, it is crucial that they hire one with experience with the charges they are facing.

Call a Bail Bondsman

After confirming that your friend is under arrest, you should get in touch with a bail bondsman. Posting bail as fast as possible ensures that your friend gets out of jail fast. While you can still post bail yourself, navigating the process can be tricky. This can mean your friend staying in prison longer. Be careful to choose the right bail bondsman in Concord. You need a provider with acceptable terms.

Arguing with a police officer when your loved one is facing arrest will only aggravate things. The best thing to do is to accept the situation and take the right measures to help your loved one. If you are uncertain of your capability to help, seek the assistance of a knowledgeable family member.

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