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Beautiful Sunroom: Design Ideas for Conservatories

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A conservatory is a wonderful addition to your home. It gives your property a different kind of elegance, and it provides you and your family additional space to lounge in. Depending on your lifestyle, your sunroom can serve a different purpose. It can become your own indoor garden. You can have a pool in it if you want to have a place to relax in. It can even be your own home office. Regardless of the purpose, one thing remains the same: you want it to look beautiful. You want it to be functional.

The structure itself is stunning, especially if the architecture takes inspiration from traditional aesthetics. The interiors, however, can be challenging to design. You may find it tricky to put in items and design pieces that will make it more beautiful. However, there are actually some ways you can design your sunroom without having to face difficulties. Here are some of them:

Be eclectic

You may have mixed feelings about having a homogeneous theme in your space. But who says you should get stuck with it? You can actually go beyond the boring by going eclectic. Eclectic design is basically a marriage or a combination of various designs. That does not mean that you will incorporate all the defining characteristics of those designs; you will just have to pick a few elements and mix them as you see fit. Just be careful when choosing items if you do not want to end up with garish and confusing interiors.

Turn Japanese

minimalist room with plant centerpiece

When you think about sunrooms, you will have this impression that most of the designs have Western leanings—from French to mid-century. But you have the option to break free from these options. For one, you can turn your sunroom into a Japanese-inspired space. To do just that, you may want to use wooden floorboards. Go for minimalist furniture pieces, and make sure that the color palette is earth-based—a combination of greens, browns, and neutrals. And instead of using carpets, you can use tatami.

Play with greens

At some point, you have considered turning your conservatory into a luxury garden room. However, you do not have an idea of how to pull it off. Other than ornate furniture pieces and elegant moldings on the floor, one defining element of a luxurious sunroom is the choice of plants. Go for simple yet elegant flowering plants, such as roses and carnations. If your sunroom allows a lot of light every morning, sunflowers also make great additions.

Turn on the lights

Some people often overlook their choice of light for their sunrooms. But your light can actually make the space truly inviting and elegant with the right light choice. For one, go for simple chandeliers or track lighting instead of just putting up a regular hanging light.

Designing a sunroom can be challenging, given that it is usually smaller than the main house. This means that you will need to make the most of every nook and cranny. Your creativity will be challenged, but if you pull the design off, you will have a beautiful place to admire and stay in. If you want to enhance your existing design plans, it pays that you work with reliable interior designers.

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