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Suffering From Hair Loss? Styling Tricks for Thicker-Looking Tresses

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Women make up forty percent of Americans suffering from hair loss, even though it’s often thought to be a predominantly male disease. Hair loss among women can be due to a variety of reasons, from hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or birth control pills to alopecia.

The good news is that several styling options can make your hair seem thicker and healthier. Note that these tricks are only temporary remedies. Consult a dermatologist so that they can recommend a long-term solution tailored to your needs.

The styling tricks depend on the kind of hair loss you have, whether you have thinning tresses, a bald spot, or other problems.

Thinning Hair

Simply blow-drying your hair can already give it some volume. Just make sure to condition and moisturize your tresses to prevent dryness and breakage.

You can ask your stylist to give you a cut that makes your tresses appear thicker. A textured pixie cut, side-swept bob, and layered lob can all give your hair volume. You have to consider your face shape when deciding on a haircut, so be sure to ask an expert stylist.

If you’re not keen on changing up your look too drastically, you can use skin weft tape hair extensions. These come in different colors and textures, letting you find one that suits your hair perfectly.

Bald Patches at the Crown

Small bald spots can easily be hidden by changing the part of your hair. If the area is too big to be covered by simple part change, the easiest solution is to choose a style that keeps hair over the balding spot. You can try a low ponytail, a messy bun, or a half top knot.

You can also use tools and accessories to cover the problem area. You can clip parts of your hair to hide the spot using big, stylish barrettes. Scarves and head wraps are also a unique way to style your hair while covering up the bald areas. Watch Alicia Keys’s tutorial on how to tie a slip-proof head wrap.

Widening Part

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A thinning part is one of the first signs of alopecia. It happens when there are fewer strands where you part your hair.

Switching your part to the opposite side is a useful trick. Side or full bangs can also change your look completely. Bangs can give your hair more volume, which makes your part appear thicker.

If you can still see your scalp after doing these two tricks, try using some temporary color spray or brush-on powder color. These don’t drip or melt even when you sweat. You also won’t have to worry about your hair moving and revealing the problem area. There are a lot of brands offering such products, giving you plenty of color options that suit your natural hair.

Avoid tugging at your hair too hard when combing or styling it to prevent further breakage. Remember that these tricks aren’t permanent solutions. They only help you feel more confident as you go about your daily tasks. It’s still best to consult a dermatologist. They’ll recommend products and treatments to make you tresses and roots healthier and stronger, resolving your hair loss permanently.

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