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Why Should You Increase Your Water Intake?

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It is no secret that doctors, health experts, scientists, fitness gurus, yogis and yoginis, and just about anyone with common sense will tell you to drink as much water as you can every day. In fact, increasing your fluid intake has so many benefits that it is a wonder why so many people don’t do it. Sure, water isn’t the tastiest fluid there is, but it has a ton of health benefits and can help prevent certain medical conditions.

People lose a large amount of water every day from doing their activities. As you sweat, you lose water. Do you notice how parched you feel after a workout? That’s because water is literally coming out of your sweat glands and pores. You need to replace that water, or you will feel like collapsing. It’s not just during a workout session that you are losing water. You are losing fluids when you pee, poop, and even when you breathe. You even lose water when you sleep. That’s why you feel thirsty in the morning.

Maintains the Balance of the Body’s Fluids

The body has 60% water. Many bodily functions rely on these fluids. These functions range from digestion to absorption to creation of saliva to maintenance of body temperature. So, how does the body know that it needs extra fluids or that it is thirsty already? The brain communicates with the kidneys through the posterior pituitary gland to tell it how much water to excrete when a person pees and how much it should hold for reserve.

It is this mechanism that tells the brain that it needs fluids. When you are low on fluids, you will notice these cues that tell your body it is thirsty or parched. Once you feel thirsty, don’t forget to drink whatever fluids—coffee, juice, milk, and water—are before you. Try not to drink alcoholic drinks because they will dehydrate rather than hydrate your body.

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Helps the Skin Look Good

Water is great for the skin. That’s why beauty experts suggest using a hydrating water-based facial night serum before one goes to sleep. It will hydrate the skin, making it look plump, energized, and full. People who drink plenty of water have naturally good skin. It makes them look younger than they actually are.

However, overhydration doesn’t solve your problems with fine lines and wrinkles, too. Hydration is a routine you must do to lock in the moisture of your skin. You do not overhydrate since the kidneys will take over and tell your body to get rid of the excess water through peeing. One way to keep the moisture in your skin is to slap some moisturizer or lotion on your skin in the morning and before going to bed.

Controls Calories and Weight Gain

Fitness experts are telling you to drink more water not only because it is good for the body, but also because it staves off calorie-laden drinks such as sodas and juices (the powdered mixes). By drinking water, you are eliminating high-calorie beverages from your diet. So, although it doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss, water can stop the calories from piling up.

Even foods that have high water content can help. They will make you feel full. As a result, you won’t be eating as much and that will help trim the calorie intake. So, aside from drinking lots of water, you should also eat water-rich foods—fruits, vegetables, soups, beans, and oatmeal.

Energizes and Builds up Muscles

Cells need a balance of fluids or else, their electrolytes will shrivel. That will then lead to muscle fatigue. In the gym, you will notice how easily tired your muscles get when you put in some work. They don’t work as well as when you’re hydrated. Your performance will suffer.

The lack of fluids will also affect the way you bulk up in the gym. Your muscles will have a harder time building up because they don’t have enough power. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking at least 17 ounces of water before exercising. During the exercise, you should keep on drinking water in regular intervals to replenish your body with fluids.

People know how important it is to increase fluid intake. This is not something that’s shocking or a complete surprise. However, you usually forget about it because there are so many things happening at once. Whether you’re busy with your work or you’re fixing a personal issue, your body takes a backseat. That’s just wrong because your body will demand better hydration, so you should make water intake a part of your regular daily routine.

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