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Top Beauty Trends Experts Predict Will Dominate the New Decade

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Although it will be a while until life reverts to ‘normal’ in the new decade, there are a couple of glimmers of hope in the new year—and beauty trends are one of them. So, in the spirit of moving forward and starting the year off with great style and fashion, the following are the biggest beauty trends you need to look out for in 2021.

Elevated Hygiene

Because of the pandemic, people are becoming more cautious of going outside and are now more aware of their hygiene. That’s why apart from delivery services for their laundry and other items, people today frequently use antibacterial products like hand soaps, sanitizers, disinfectants, and even foot baths—introducing the trend of ‘elevated hygiene’ in the beauty community.

Although this isn’t the most glamorous beauty category, where there’s a necessity, there’s a luxury. Beauty brands are now using gentler formulations on hand sanitizers and hand soaps to make it suitable, safe, and hydrating for the skin.

This trend will gradually improve in 2021 as the beauty industry begins to balance efficacy with sensoriality.

Transparent and Organic Skincare

Recent surveys have shown that skincare brands promoting ingredient transparency are gradually gaining popularity. That’s because more consumers are now becoming environmentally conscious about their purchases, leading them to demand to know what’s in the products they use, and rightfully so. The increase in consumer demands and pressure have caused beauty companies to steer toward using more sustainable and eco-friendly formulas for everything—from their packaging to their formulations.

Because of the demand for transparency, more companies are now opting for all-natural and organic ingredients for their products, especially in the skincare line. The most popular ingredients include ginger, Gotu kola, and witch hazel flowers, paving the plant-based skincare trend to rise in 2021. Until now, people only considered ‘organic skincare’ as a niche. However, with the spike in environmentally conscious consumers, many brands are now going all-natural.

Advanced Blue Light Protection

Because of the ongoing pandemic, just about everything in everyone’s lives has turned digital, exposing many to ‘blue light.’ Although the damaging effects of blue on one’s skin aren’t new, beauty companies are now manufacturing more innovative ingredients to combat these effects. With ingredients ranging from turmeric to algae becoming common in beauty products, these give companies a way to provide items that can make anyone feel and look beautiful while getting protected against blue light.

Anti-bacterial Haircare



The average person touches most parts of their hair at least ten times in an hour, which is likely contaminated with a whole host of pathogens like bacteria and viruses that are blind to the naked eye. Thus, brands like Safe Hair are beginning to develop ant-bacterial hair care products, ranging from cleansing sprays, conditioners to shampoos using antimicrobial disinfecting agents that can remove germs while removing grime and dirt simultaneously.

“Zoom Face”

After weeks of staring at yourself on video calls likely have taken a toll, with many people experiencing the same issue, ‘Zoom Face’ is slowly on the rise. According to beauty experts, people are flocking to the internet to investigate cosmetic procedures addressing facial concerns ranging from eye bags, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. All these allow the trend of cosmetic procedures for ‘Zoom Face’ to rise.

However, if you’re not too keen on going under the knife to say goodbye to your dark circles or eye bags, you can use eye creams with caffeine to reduce swelling and brighten your under eyes before coming into your virtual office.

Skin Minimalism

After the hectic events of 2020, people are now going all-natural, bringing the ‘no-makeup makeup’ back. Pinterest is deeming the new glow-up coined as ‘Skinimalism’ or skin minimalism, encouraging people to embrace their natural skin and super-minimal makeup. People are now forfeiting complicated makeup routines to embrace ‘slow beauty,’ letting their natural skin textures shine through.

This trend makes sense since many people wore less makeup last year and spent more time on skincare than ever before.

Smarter Tech Gadgets

From microcurrent hair rollers to hair-zapping lasers, individuals opt for at-home devices to ‘treat’ their skin and bodies just like they would at professional spas and salons. Because of the increasing demand and trend for ‘personal’ beauty, more brands are now inventing high-tech gadgets for both hair and skin—making everyone’s beauty routine ten times easier and replicate treatments that were once exclusive to spas and salons.

After a challenging year of constant struggles and bad news, it’s safe to say that everyone is eager for a beauty do-over this new decade—and keeping up with the trends mentioned can help you look, feel, and be the best version of yourself no matter what.

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