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How to Stay Fit When You’re on the Road

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Although there are still some travel restrictions in place now because of the pandemic, it shouldn’t get in the way of you planning well for your next trip. The thing about traveling and being on the road a lot, especially before COVID-19, was that it was so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time, those who frequently travel do so because of work. Unless you’re born into a wealthy family that’s always on the go for leisure and pleasure, the average person goes places on the company’s budget.

Now staying fit on the road is quite challenging because work tends to get in the way. Not that it doesn’t when you’re home. It’s just that when you’re out-of-town on an assignment, you tend to have a busier and more packed schedule.

Another reason why it’s harder to find the time to work out is you don’t have much control over your environment. You may not be familiar with nearby gyms and fitness centers you can visit. Hotel gyms aren’t as equipped and big as typical gyms. And lastly, if you’re on a home workout program, you don’t have the right equipment with you.

But all of these shouldn’t stop nor hinder you from getting your workout on. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. It will boil down to how determined you are in staying fit and healthy even if you’re outside your comfort zone.

Make staying fit a top priority even if you’re on the road.

If you truly value your health, you will find ways to incorporate exercise into your busy schedule whether you’re at home or on the road. Especially now that we’re a pandemic and one of the best defenses against the virus is a healthy immune system. Regular exercise helps boost one’s immunity against sickness and disease and significantly lowers the risk of contracting the dreaded coronavirus.

Exercise, along with a proper diet, needs to be one of your constants when you’re away from home. It should never take a back seat to your busyness and hectic schedule. You need to maintain the same pattern even if you’re in another time zone to maintain continuity and consistency. If you’re used to waking up early and working out in the morning before going to work, stick to that schedule. The sense of normalcy that you get from retaining your routine will help you stay fit and disciplined.

That being said, you must figure out a way to incorporate exercise into your itinerary and adapt to the changes around you.

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Travel Workouts that Can Be Done Anytime Anywhere

If you’re used to working out with a coach or trainer telling you what to do, you can ask them to come up with a program when you’re going on a trip. Any fitness coach should be able to help you come up with different kinds of workouts, even those who are still processing their personal trainer registration application. After all, your daily workout routine need not be complicated at all since you will most probably be working with your body weight and some limited equipment.

Here are a few examples of on-the-road workout programs.

Workout #1: The Hotel Room Workout

There are several types of hotel room workouts that you can do. You can incorporate bodyweight workouts with the use of some items you can find in your hotel room, including your luggage as weights. Here are a few hotel room workouts from Nerd Fitness.

Workout #2: Bodyweight Workouts

Perhaps the simplest workout program that you can do when you’re on a business trip is to utilize your own body weight. Here are some bodyweight exercises in both beginner and advanced levels.

Workout #3: The Playground Workout

If you happen to have time to go around, you might find that working out in a playground is sometimes a lot better than working out in a hotel gym. Here are a few playground exercises that anyone can do.

Don’t forget about your food consumption!

Lastly, before we forget, no matter how hard you exercise to keep in shape, if you don’t watch what you eat, it will all be for naught. Remember that the road to health and fitness starts in the kitchen.

We understand that traveling will require you to taste different cuisines and try out local dishes. That’s perfectly fine. But you shouldn’t let yourself go and cast off all restraint with the justification that you don’t get to pig out all the time.

We’re also not saying that you deprive yourself and be miserable throughout the entire trip. All we’re saying is watch what you eat and consume food in moderation. Just hit that healthy balance and you’ll be alright.

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