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Everything You Need to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

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Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean we have to put our entire lives on hold. If you’re reading this right now, it means your life is about to enter a new chapter. And every new chapter deserves a great beginning. So instead of letting the pandemic stop you from having a physical baby shower, throw a virtual one.

Here’s how:

Pick a platform to throw the baby shower

Aside from picking the right date, you must also consider the platform you’ll use to host the shower. There are plenty of videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Personally, Zoom is a favorite because it allows you to change your background. This is great for when you have a theme. You can create a custom background that you and your guests could use during the baby shower.

Zoom allows you to have 100 guests in one call. You most probably won’t be having that many guests. But at least you’ll know you’ll be able to accommodate plenty of guests. The only downside to Zoom is that it has a time limit of 40 minutes. You’ll have to buy their Pro plan if you want to have unlimited time on your calls.

Figure out who your host will be

Some parents prefer hosting their shower themselves. But you can always opt to assign the hosting task to someone else. Make sure that your host is tech-savvy and has no problem dealing with whatever platform you’ll be using. Don’t forget to brief your host about the flow of the baby shower as well. ;

Prepare your guest list

Next up, don’t forget to prepare your guest list. You can’t have a baby shower without the guests. If you’re planning to send invitations online instead of a physical invitation. Make sure to collect all your guests’ email addresses. You don’t want to make the mistake of sending your invitations to the wrong people.

Choose a theme

Having a theme for your baby shower isn’t always necessary. But it can make the event more fun for the guests. Here are a few possible theme ideas for your baby shower:

  • Gender Reveal Theme
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme
  • Floral Theme
  • Mandalorian or Baby Yoda Theme
  • Bee Theme
  • Summer Theme
  • Animal Theme
  • Butterfly Theme

Picking a theme can also make decorating and designing things easier for you. You could even ask your guests to follow a dress code that matches the theme you picked.

Create the invitations and website for your baby shower

When creating your invitation make sure to think of a name for the event. If you’re having a gender reveal baby shower with a bee theme. You could make the title of your invitation “What will it ‘bee’?”. Think of a witty and fun headline for your invitation. Don’t forget to add the names of the parents, date, and time. You should also provide the link or QR code to your baby gifts registry. As well as the link to the event as well, meaning the Zoom link. Or the link to whatever platform you choose.

If you want your guests to follow a certain dress code, you should mention that on the invitation as well. You should also include any instructions you think would be important for the shower. Such as, “prepare a toast” or “if you plan on giving gifts you can send them ahead of time”. You could also give a link to a recipe and instruct them to prepare the recipe on the day of the baby shower. That way you can all enjoy the same food or beverages. Don’t forget to design your invitation according to your theme.

Plan the flow of your baby shower

When it comes to virtual events, you’ll need a little more planning than you usually would in a physical event. That’s because virtual events can tend to get awkward if there’s any dead air. Avoid having dead air by creating a program flow. If you want your guests to have fun, why not play some games? Here are some games you can try:

  • Baby Jeopardy: Jeopardy but the clues are all baby-related
  • Guess the Baby: Asks your guests to send pictures of themselves as babies to the host. Players will then try to guess which of the guests is the baby in the picture.
  • Bring Me: The mom-to-be will ask the guests to show her a certain item. Whoever gets to show the item first gets a point.

Aside from games, one of the most anticipated parts of a baby shower is the opening of gifts. You may be thinking it’s impossible to open gifts through a virtual party, but it isn’t. You have two options. You either ask your guests to send their gifts ahead of time and open them during the party. Or you can ask them to hold onto it and present it themselves and send it after the party.

Another fun and heart-warming activity you could do is ask the guests to write love letters. But this time, it won’t be for the parents but for the baby. Asking your guests to write a letter for your baby is a great idea. You can read it during the party, but you could also save it and give it to your child once they’re bigger. It’ll be a very heartwarming experience.

Don’t forget the giveaways

If you’re expecting gifts, it’s right that you also prepare a few giveaways for your guests. Even if it is simple. If you’re having a plant themed baby shower, you could send succulents over to your guests after the party. But then again, an Amazon virtual gift card could also do the trick.

Don’t let the pandemic ruin this new chapter of your life. Just because we can’t see each other face-to-face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a baby shower. Just follow these tips and you’ll have a great virtual baby shower.

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