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Glow With the Flow: IV Hydration Treatments That You Need to Try Out

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Could re-hydration through an IV drip really replenish lost fluids and leave you feeling better and more energized? IV infusions claim to aid your body’s healing process as the vitamins and nutrients are delivered straight into the bloodstream. It also claims to deliver a range of health and wellness benefits that can boost your body’s immune system and even slow down the signs of aging.
Those who have tried IV hydration claim that they felt the effects in as little as 2 hours after the infusion. They felt more energized and sufficiently hydrated sooner than they normally did when they resorted to conventional recovery methods.
It made us curious and thought we’d try it once to see how it’d work out for us. Without further ado, here’s a list o drips and infusions that we tried and what came next.

Drip: Executive NAD

Good for anti-aging

The Executive NAD drip was the first one on our list. We thought it would be a good prep infusion to improve our wellness and to combat the aging effects of our stressed-out body.
This drip formulation claims to have the ability to reverse these aging effects as it prevents the diminishing levels of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), in our bodies. Hence, the name of the drip. True to its name, the Executive NAD drip supplies the body with more NAD, which helps boost the supply that we get from our regular diet.
NAD is known as the helper molecules that are present in every cell in our body. Ergo, when our body’s natural production of NAD begins to slow down, our bodies also slowly lose their ability to effectively utilize the proteins in our system. The slowdown in the process triggers the early onset of cellular aging.
A dose of Executive NAD can increase the presence of naturally occurring NAD in your body and aid in protein breakdown. It impacts your body on a cellular level, resulting in healthier skin and the improved functioning of your internal organs. What they say, healthy cells mean a healthy body.

Drip: Time Machine

Good for detox and anti-aging booster

For our second appointment, we had a dose of the Time Machine. We picked this drip to boost and prolong the effects of our previous NAD treatment.
We’ve been struggling with low energy levels as of late, which prompted us to book an appointment for our first treatment. And just like the hydration treatment from our first appointment, this drip formula did not disappoint.
The removal of toxins from our system did wonders, and we felt more energized and less brain-tired! Aside from the wonderful health benefits that our bodies get from the detoxification process, we also felt more accomplished for the rest of the week. We found ourselves having the energy that we need to power through our tasks, which was actually good for our mental well-being!

Drip: Firm

Good for skin repair

On our third appointment, we tried the Firm drip. It is formulated with Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, and a high dose of Biotin, which is responsible for the health of our hair, nails, and skin.
Vitamin C promotes collagen production. Collagen is essential for firm and youthful-looking skin. As our bodies age, collagen production slows down. The slowdown in production triggers the early onset of skin aging like fine lines and saggy skin. And while there are plenty of non-invasive treatments today that vow to renew your skin’s natural glow topically, we prefer to nourish our skin from within.
We can say that the Firm drip infusion amped up the effects of our skincare products, and gave us a youthful, healthy glow we haven’t seen in a while. We’re extremely amazed at the results that we vow to have this done regularly as a means to power up our skincare regimen. We think it’s safe to say that we’ve finally found the anti-aging solution that we feel good about.
Of all the anti-aging treatments and solutions we’ve tried, we can say that IV hydration worked the best for us. We plan to have it as a regular supplement on top of our regular diet and skincare regimen.
We’re certainly pleased with the results that we got from all of our treatments. We noticed a change in our skin –– it looks firmer and radiant now. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself! Experience a wellness transformation that starts from within and gives you amazing, visible, and lasting results.

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