Remote Learning: Essential Pointers for Parents

With recent events that have transpired in the last few months, more and more schools have been turning to remote learning or “blended” learning. However, a good percentage of parents around the world are not quite sure what they have to do when it comes to teaching their children. How will children be setting up

Why Singapore Is the Business and Financial Center of Asia-Pacific

The world is again waking up from its forced slumber due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new surge of energy is now sweeping the business community, fueled by optimism for the future. There is a realistic understanding of the present economic challenges and the obstacles that need to be hurdled. Whatever excitement there is for

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A Company’s Guide of What Millennials Want in a Workplace

The first digitally-native generation is dominating the workplace more and more each day. Millennials are projected to comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. Although all generations face challenges as they enter the labour force, this generation is different from its predecessors since they grew up in a time when the digital revolution

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How to Tell Your Brand Story

Nike, Apple, and Disney — these three huge brands have one thing in common: they have a solid brand story, and they know how to tell it. Your brand story describes the history of your brand, starting from the very beginning, and how these circumstances fuel your brand until today. But it’s not enough to have

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Why More People Are Investing During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis made people rethink their finances. Many realized the importance of having an emergency fund. Others learned the hard way that having a single income stream is never enough. Some started investing during these turbulent times. But is the pandemic a great time to start investing your hard-earned cash or is it wiser

How to Help Your Child Nurture A Positive Body Image

It’s difficult to protect children from society’s narrow beauty standards. Children are bright and sprightly when they’re much younger, but as they go through puberty and undergo drastic changes, it’s normal for them to struggle with their self-esteem and become more closed off or self-conscious. As a parent, it’s understandable that you’d want your child

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5 Business Ideas that Will Thrive in a Post-pandemic World

No industry survived the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unscathed. Plenty of people are scared to go out, so airlines, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and other kinds of enterprises saw their customer count drastically drop. With fresh waves of positive cases being reported every day, the situation doesn’t seem to be improving soon. But as the

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Surviving a Pandemic-stricken Economy: Ways to Cut Costs for Small Businesses

The odds are hardly ever fair for small businesses. If a hundred small businesses open in an average economic landscape: only around 80 will make it past their first year; 56 will reach their second year; 28 will reach their fifth year; and around 8 or 9 businesses will live past their 10th year. Not

Doable Startups Anyone Can Consider

People are slowly going back to their work routines and daily life is becoming what they call the “new normal.” For some, however, it is the end of a career or a sudden of a loss of a job amidst a pandemic that has affected literally every corner of the globe. Yet, as they say,

financial management

Financial Management: Preparing During Your 20s

During the global healthcare emergency, the aviation and aerospace industry has been facing the brunt. However, several other sectors have been hit hard by the pandemic as well. While it’s great knowing that we’re working to place food on the table, we are aiming for a good future for us when we’re in our golden

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