Doable Startups Anyone Can Consider

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People are slowly going back to their work routines and daily life is becoming what they call the “new normal.” For some, however, it is the end of a career or a sudden of a loss of a job amidst a pandemic that has affected literally every corner of the globe.

Yet, as they say, hope springs eternal. It is up to each person to pick up the pieces as it were and keep moving forward. Many are also finding great opportunities for business, all while they regain a sense of time freedom and a chance to be creative and entrepreneurial.

Here are some startup ideas that others have tried successfully:

Food Service Supplier

A number of restaurants and pubs have begun to reopen after restrictions were lifted. Many of these establishments needed the services of a catering equipment installation expert to check on long-unused items in their food production areas. One quick start to a business is to be the middle man between restaurants and those in the restaurant equipment service industry. Visit these establishments and make recommendations to have the local experts fix their equipment. Strike a deal to get a commission for every restaurant that books with the service company.

Many pub owners are also in need of hard-to-find supplies like packaging paper, exotic dish ingredients, and other items they need in the kitchen. Offer to be one of their suppliers and get regular orders. It takes a lot of research to tap the direct sources or manufacturers of these needed items but doing that online will definitely lead to positive results.

Plant Nursery

As people stay home and avoid large crowds, a renewed interest in home food gardening has also allowed the plant nursery to blossom. Go to the local pottery shop to stock up on seedling beds and a few pots made from either clay or plastic. Get seeds like cherry tomatoes, kale, or lettuce which are all easy to grow. Start planting right away. On average, it only takes four to seven days for a seed to sprout. Once the plant is strong enough to transfer from the seedling tray to the pot, you can take good pictures and post on social media.

Create your own brand name and use Facebook and Instagram to sell your plants. People are now enjoying the time they have working from home. Take advantage of people’s interests and help them develop skills in growing their own food. You can even write a beginner’s home garden blog to help educate your customers on the joys of planting and harvesting one’s own food. Through social media, keep in touch with customers and have a shared journey in home gardening. This creates a real relationship and a good after-sales service.

Shop & Delivery Service

Again, people have refrained from going to pubs, supermarkets, malls, and other places where they used to buy supplies and have some entertainment. Why not open a grocery & delivery service to help families get food and other items they need? This service is also very helpful to senior citizens who live alone or for persons with disabilities.

Cake Shop Delivery Service

Despite the lock down, people will still find time to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other momentous occasions even if they are just inside the home. Why not offer to deliver the cakes of popular bakeries in town? Better still, bake your own products and use social media to promote your warm, delightful oven creations.

Drop Shipping

Start up concept

Drop shipping is still new but has shown a lot of promise for first-time business owners. This takes a little digital marketing savvy and an understanding e-commerce platforms. Without having to handle actual products, a drop shipper engages in digital marketing to promote a variety of products online. He or she takes in all the orders, forwards it to the manufacturer or supplier, then charges a markup for each transaction completed.

Indeed, when it comes to maximizing opportunities, Billionaire business magnate Richard Branson said it best:

“I’ve been a serial entrepreneur, trying to take on some of the bigger problems of the world and see whether I can help resolve them. I get enormous satisfaction from it and I think the people I work with get enormous satisfaction from it.”

In Branson’s mind, going into business is about helping solve problems that people have. He does not start with profit, although that is obviously one of the motivations. But for this billionaire, his satisfaction is found resolving challenges or issues and finding in other people who would like to do the same.

The pandemic may have changed how societies work but it also opened up many ways for people to make a living. It is so true that in every crisis, there is always an opportunity waiting to be discovered.

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