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Stop Giving Bad Gifts! Turn Into the Best Gift Giver Today

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Celebrations and giving gifts go hand in hand. Unfortunately — most gifts end up gathering dust, returned, or in the bin. Make your gifts matter for more than just one day by putting in a little bit of effort.’

Avoid Cookie Cutter Gifts

Gifts made for everyone — please very little. Opt for a more personal touch and avoid the usual gifts. Women don’t usually want cooking or cosmetic sets, men have enough shaving items of their own, and nobody wants a fitness DVD. Ditch those gift cards and vouchers and just buy a gift. More than £300 million worth of gift cards go unused every year — a testament to how popular these things are and how they’re unappreciated. However, if you don’t have time to buy a gift (or your secretary does the buying for you) — why not choose a wine or champagne gift set? It marks a festive occasion, and almost everyone loves a bit of bubbly.

Get Something Quirky

If you want to brighten up someone’s day, get something funny and unusual. Just make sure you stay away from gifts that might be considered offensive — because the celebrant might open his/her presents in front of everyone. Get a gift that would remind the celebrant about a funny and memorable moment that both of you shared. It will make your gift have more meaning and make it — in a sense — timeless. Quirky gifts reinforce bonds and lets the celebrant know that you cherish and remember the precious moments you spent with him/her.

Match the Celebrant’s Interest

If you want to give a gift that gets the receiver excited — opt for something they want. It could be a video game, a vinyl record, or a trinket to add to his/her collection. Of course, you’ll need to do a little digging (or maybe just pay attention) to find out what the celebrant wants. You’ll also want to avoid buying something — only to find out that the receiver already has the same item. You should be able to infer what to buy if you regularly talk to the celebrant, but you can also drop a question or two to make things easier.

Match the Celebrant’s Needs

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Giving someone what they want would get them excited — but giving them what they need will have a bigger impact. Of course, the gift should be based on their needs and not what you believe they need. A self-help or diet/fitness book will seem a little crass — more likely to display what you think of them rather than being helpful. Delve into your past conversations and figure out what to give. It can be as simple as an alarm clock, a dog leash, or a new mixing bowl — as long as the person mentioned (in passing) that they wanted one. This way, your gift actually gets to be used. Of course, gifting money is out of the question — unless you’re a close relative. It’s also better to just provide what they need instead of giving money.

Gifts should be meaningful to be memorable. Your gifts don’t have to be expensive — they just have to connect with whoever you’re giving them to.

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