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5 Business Ideas that Will Thrive in a Post-pandemic World

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No industry survived the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unscathed. Plenty of people are scared to go out, so airlines, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and other kinds of enterprises saw their customer count drastically drop. With fresh waves of positive cases being reported every day, the situation doesn’t seem to be improving soon.

But as the challenges different industries face amid the coronavirus mount, some innovative entrepreneurs have instead flourished. These mostly service-based businesses have adapted to the new normal and have been providing alternate options for in-person services that most people don’t want to risk getting right now.

These businesses are in high demand right now and are only poised to grow soon. So, if you’ve been considering investing in new ventures or adapting your existing business, you might want to look into these business ideas with promising growth:

1. Telemedicine services

People don’t want to leave their homes unless it’s necessary, like when they need to go to the hospital for a checkup. But plenty of people also fear the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 when going to health facilities. This is why telemedicine services have become more popular recently. People with health conditions can get consultations and diagnoses right from their homes using only their mobile devices or computers.

2. Cleaning services

Homes, offices, and public places have given more importance to cleanliness and sanitation now more than ever. And while commercial and residential cleaning services have already existed before the pandemic, it’s now in high demand. So take advantage of people’s need for deep cleaning and seize the opportunities that a cleaning service franchise presents.

3. Delivery services

Different kinds of professional delivery services have recently stepped up to ensure people are still getting the things they need without needing to venture outside. Third-party services like Uber Eats and DoorDash ensure that people can get their favorite meals and that restaurants can stay open despite not being able to accept dine-in customers. This type of business can be explored further by establishing other delivery services, such as that of groceries or medicine.

4. Meal subscription

If people are tired of restaurant takeout and they haven’t done grocery yet, meal subscription services ensure that they can have a homemade recipe to whip up. Meal subscription services had a slowly growing market before the pandemic, thanks to their convenience. Now, the demand for this type of box subscription has increased and will probably continue to grow, so people don’t have to spend time outside shopping for groceries and produce. Instead, they can get a box of fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients of their choice dishes delivered on their doorsteps. All they need to do is follow the cooking instructions, and they’ll have a meal ready to enjoy.

5. Virtual fitness training

Gyms can be a hotspot for COVID-19 transmission because of the communal pieces of training equipment. This is why fitness instructors have taken to hosting virtual fitness sessions so their clients can still keep up their training at home. If you have even the most basic fitness routines, you can make money off it by hosting either personal or group training sessions.

The pandemic drastically changed the way people live their lives, and for businesses to thrive in this post-pandemic world, they must be able to adapt. The ideas above are only the start.

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