Woman controlling her navigation system

The Primary Parameters of INS Simulators

The INS (inertial navigation system) is a self-contained navigation system. It provides a continuous navigation output with short-term stability and high bandwidths. The accuracy of INS devices will degrade over time. To boost their efficiency and performance, INS devices have GPS (global positioning systems). Though the GPS/INS systems are more accurate compared to INS stand-alone

Students in a bedroom of an accommodation

Finding Affordable Last-minute Accommodation as a Student

If you have managed to enrol in a university, there are many options for you when it comes to accommodation. The key is always to begin the search early. However, sometimes, for different reasons, it is not possible to start scouting for houses months before the day you report to school. What then do you

How to Maintain Your Luxury Watches Like an Expert

Buying luxury watches is more than just a status symbol for many people. For some, it is also their way to pay homage to classical engineering filled with rich history. Most collectors of exquisite watches agree that learning how to maintain these watches is a must. To help you keep them ticking for longer, here are a

Public bathroom

What It’s Like to Live in a World Without Toilets?

Many of us are fortunate to be born and raised in a hygiene-conscious society. Public toilets and baths are kept clean by dedicated cleaners. Bathrooms are maintained with shower partitions in commercial and residential properties. But did you know that this is a luxury not enjoyed by everyone? In 2015, about 2.4 billion people did

Hardhat and gloves on ladder

Buying the Right Ladder: Do You Know How to Choose the One?

Modern construction and building projects require a lot of simple tools such as pulleys, levers, and ladders. Ladders have become an essential tool even for ordinary people to gain access to areas that are out of reach,  but it also helps in making work safe and easy. But a faulty ladder is responsible for many

Bus on the road

A Glimpse of the Brains Behind the Modern Day Traffic Lights

Traffic lights form an integral part of our daily road use. They not only control the flow but also give us the much-needed sense of organisation and security. Have you ever stopped and wondered who controls all those lights? Well, some are operated manually or by using a timer controller that scrolls through different light

Guy turning off the AC

Four Easy Hacks for Saving on Energy Bills During Summer

As the temperature during summer rises, your energy consumption goes up with it as well. The heat can be so exhausting that we cannot help it but crank up the air conditioning to get away from it. And although getting a solar installation in Utah is a great idea, there are many other ways you can

Men putting solar panels on roof

Solar Energy: Its Essence to the Modern Society

Solar power is energy that is obtained from the sun and later converted into heat or electricity. One significant benefit of solar power is that it is readily available and due to technological advancements, it can efficiently be harnessed. Solar cells are used to harness solar energy from the sun. The utilization of solar energy

Avoid Jail at all Costs

Spending weeks, months, or years in jail can be disastrous, especially if you’re not guilty. State prisons in Utah, as well as the rest of the nation, are filled with inmates that have yet to be found guilty of a crime. Thoughts of being exonerated when the trial commences can be noble, but avoiding incarceration

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