Guy turning off the AC

Four Easy Hacks for Saving on Energy Bills During Summer

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Guy turning off the AC

As the temperature during summer rises, your energy consumption goes up with it as well. The heat can be so exhausting that we cannot help it but crank up the air conditioning to get away from it. And although getting a solar installation in Utah is a great idea, there are many other ways you can save on energy costs.

Whether you are using your air conditioning for hours or more electricity to run fans, there are fantastic ways to help you save money. Here are a few hacks to save on costs while enjoying the summer.

1. Open the Windows

One of the best ways to lower your energy bills is to open your windows. You can do it in the evening as well as overnight to let the cooler air into your home. Doing so will help the air circulate inside your home and allow fresh air to come in. However, it is recommended that you close the windows during the day to keep the warm air out and the cold air inside.

2. Use Thermostat Wisely

We must admit; it feels good to crank up the AC as soon as we get home. However, you will probably regret it as soon as you see your bills skyrocketing after you did it. That is why it is best to use your thermostat wisely to help you save on energy costs.

You might want to raise the thermostat about 72 degrees to help you save at least 3% of your cooling expenses. You can also turn it off altogether when no one is at home so you will be able to conserve more energy. You can try using a thermostat that adjusts to your house’s climate control while nobody is inside.

3. Do Some Barbeque Sessions

Family enjoying a bbq party

It can be unbearable to cook inside a hot and steamy kitchen, especially when it is already hot outside. So, to help yourself with all the sweat, you can try using the microwave instead. Microwave only uses one-third the energy that a regular oven uses and produces only a quarter of the heat.

You can also do your cooking outside to make it more fun. Grill some burgers or even invite a few of your friends over to have a barbeque party. The cold fresh breeze can be great, especially when you are cooking outside.

4. Use Warm or Cold Water When Washing

You should avoid using hot water when washing. Bear in mind that 90% of the energy that your washing machine uses goes directly to heating the water. So, doing your laundry on either warm or cold cycles can help you save money on your electric bill. Then, you can hang your clothes outside to let them dry out naturally. Take advantage of the warm weather.

Thinking of ways to conserve energy will not only help you save on costs, but it will also help protect the environment. You can even think of other ways to help conserve energy by considering other renewable sources of energy for your home.

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