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Do Me a Solid: The Rise of Solid Skin Care Products

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Woman applying facial creamKorean beauty products and trends have been a major influence on western beauty brands for the last couple of years. From clay and sheet masks to lip tints and cushion foundations, K-beauty is now deeply entrenched in the American market.

In the past, you had to jump through hoops just to buy a Korean facial wash online (or any other K-skincare and beauty product). Now, it’s everywhere. You can find it in local drugstores, malls, and dedicated e-commerce sites. Western cosmetic brands have also begun marketing their own versions of popular K-beauty products.

One of these is solid facial cleansers.

What is Solid Skin Care

Americans aren’t strangers to solid beauty products; foundation sticks, highlighter sticks, and lipsticks are all regulars in many makeup bags. Solid skin care products, though, is still growing its already sizable following.

Still, the idea is the same. Instead of liquid or gel consistencies, the facial cleansers, toners, and even serums are sold as solids. There are also solid makeup removers available. These products are often housed in packaging not unlike deodorant tubes with a small knob at the bottom to push the product up. Solid skin care products make it easier to target any problem areas specifically.

The K-beauty brand Su:M37 is often credited as one of the first brands to make facial cleansing sticks — basically, soap in a tube. You simply massage the cleansing stick on to your wet face, work up a lather, rinse, and pat dry.

Spill-proof Travel Companion

Beautiful lady with glowing skinWith the idea and execution of solid skin care products being so simple (and not exactly original), you might wonder why it’s become such a hot topic. One word: convenience.

Solid products are much easier to bring to the gym or to an overnight stay at your friend’s house. You no longer have to worry about spilling anything or keeping the products in an airtight plastic bag. The increasing range of facial cleansing sticks means there’s one formulated for oily, dry, and combination skin types.

Cleansing sticks and toners are a boon for frequent flyers, especially. You no longer have to worry that your skin care products would go over the limit on liquids in carry-on bags. You also won’t have to go through the trouble of buying small containers and decant your facial wash, toner, or serums into it.

Massage Your Way to Healthy Skin

Solid skin care products have another advantage over liquid ones: massaging it directly onto your face improves blood circulation. Greater blood and oxygen flow to the blood vessels on your face gives you a natural facelift and promotes healthy skin.

Better circulation also improves your skin’s absorption of the solid skincare product you’re using or any other products you may use after the massage. A daily facial massage can soften fine lines and wrinkles, relieve tension, and give you a glow from within.

If you’re interested in trying out a solid facial cleanser or toner, read up on the product (especially its ingredients) first to make sure it’s right for your skin type. It’s also important to make sure the product fits well with your current skincare routine and wouldn’t react harshly with the other products.

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