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3 Preventative Maintenance Routines to Keep Your Porsche in Good Condition

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Silver Porsche in the showroomPorsche cars have an untarnished reputation for exceptional performance, world-class designs, impeccable handling and stability, and enhanced durability. But this doesn’t mean they need less maintenance than other brands. As the saying goes, the service life of the car depends on its owner.

Just think about the time and money you spent on the classic Carrera 911 or the 550 Spyder. Would you let them sit in the dust or rust? Whether it’s brand new or pre-owned, it is always advisable to know how to maintain your car.

Here are some reminders to keep your Porsche looking good and running smoothly:

1. Prioritize Regular Maintenance

The problem with some car enthusiasts, particularly the newbies, is that they get too excited for bigger upgrades. Focus on the basic, routine maintenance first, such as oil change, filter and spark plug replacement, brake fluid, and transmission inspection. Refer to the user’s manual for the maintenance schedule.

Keep in mind that all turbo models, such as the 718 Cayman, Boxster, GT2 RS, and Panamera, require a spark plug replacement every 30,000 miles or four years, whichever comes first. For 987 models, you need to change oil every 20,000 miles. You should also check the brake fluid more often.

Other things you need to keep in check include the engine air filter, cabin air pollen filter, brake pad, disc, hose, steering gear, axle system, radiator, and air inlet. If you notice any leak, it is best to consult an experienced mechanic. Look for a reputable Porsche repair shop in New York City.

2. Keep it Clean

Person cleaning a blue carMake it a habit to clean your car. Use the recommended car shampoo and tire black brands. Use a car interior cleaner to remove heavy stains. Many experts recommend using citrus-based products to eliminate grease and oil. If you’re not comfortable with using chemicals, you can pretreat the stains with liquid detergent before washing.

You should also consider the temperature when washing your car. As much as possible, don’t wash when it’s too hot. Whether after a long drive or parked in direct sunlight, move your car to a cooler area and let it rest for a while before washing it. This is to prevent soapy residue and deposits.

Observe cleanliness at all times. Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking inside the car. If you can’t, then consider keeping a small trash bin, as well.

3. Invest in a Well-Maintained Garage

This is one of the problems for some car owners. Having a garage is necessary to keep the vehicle safe. Apart from the harshness of weather and other unpredictable incidents, parking it in a well-maintained garage keeps the parts in good condition. The same thing goes with the coolant, which is vital for the vehicle’s AC. Before buying a car, make sure you have a safe place to store it. You may also invest in weatherproof car covers to prevent damages.

These are just some of the things you should add to your car maintenance checklist. Always treat the user’s manual as your guide to ensure that you’re using the right products for your vehicle.

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