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Finding Affordable Last-minute Accommodation as a Student

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If you have managed to enrol in a university, there are many options for you when it comes to accommodation. The key is always to begin the search early. However, sometimes, for different reasons, it is not possible to start scouting for houses months before the day you report to school. What then do you do in such a case?

As it is, there are options for affordable accommodation in London for students who find themselves searching at the last minute. As a thing to note, never be so desperate that you fail to inquire about the rules for housing and accommodation. You want to make a pick that will not bring you issues a week into staying there. With that in mind, here are five ways you can go about finding accommodation:

Students’ Unions

In most universities, students’ unions are meant to serve the needs of the students without victimisation. It is a safe place to start your search. There, you will get information about the housing agencies that you can trust. You may also enquire about getting tips on how to find housemates or how to find suitable housing. Most students’ unions will avail of a guide to local agencies.

Letting Agents

There are students who sublet their houses or work as letting agents to earn an extra buck. It is a good idea to start your search with these agents. Since they have worked with other agencies and landlords, they can have valuable information to offer. Sometimes they may even have empty rooms. Letting agents often have sites where you will find a list of options and where you can book for viewings.


This is another excellent way to go about finding cheap accommodation. With some housemates, you can share rent and vet properties with the benefit of one another’s opinion. It is a good idea to pick people you know if you choose to go in this direction. You can book for houses together on website forums and housing groups, and proceed to check them out.

Social Media

This has become an excellent resource. You can either search for university housing in your area there. Alternatively, social media platforms can help you connect with friends in the region who might offer the help you need. Finally, you are likely to find other people going through the same challenges, so you can join housing forums and see how they deal.

Student Accommodation Forums

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There are online forums designed for students where you can find and vet potential housemates. On those forums, you can send broadcast messages in your area. You can then interact with students in similar positions and move from there. Alternatively, you can scour for accommodation posts and respond.

Regardless of your approach, you want to find people who will not make your life difficult when living together. As such, always remember to use things such as social media as tools and judge people based on how they present. That way, you can save yourself a lot of heartache in the days to come.

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