How to Maintain Your Luxury Watches Like an Expert

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Buying luxury watches is more than just a status symbol for many people. For some, it is also their way to pay homage to classical engineering filled with rich history. Most collectors of exquisite watches agree that learning how to maintain these watches is a must. To help you keep them ticking for longer, here are a few tricks you can try.

Consider insuring them

Just like any of your belongings or properties of value, it is crucial to protect your luxury timepieces, just like those Rolex watches you bought in Salt Lake City, with insurance. Although you may think that their sentimental value far outweighs their real value, getting coverage for them will provide you with a peace of mind.

However, you need to be aware of the insurer’s policies before signing up for any deal. Some insurers may reimburse your watch with either a gift card or a voucher. Some may even offer you a cash settlement for a lower sum than that of a gift credit.

Wound them up

If you are planning to store them in long periods, wound them up every couple of months or so. Winding them helps prevent the lubrication from the movement from freezing. It is highly advisable to store them on a watch winder to proper wind them all the time.

Clean them properly

Luxury Watch

While cleaning the watches yourself can help remove the dust and dirt trapped in the exteriors, you will not be able to get inside the parts to clean them yourself. That is why it is best to leave the cleaning to the professionals. Getting your watches wet can severely damage your timepiece, which could cause them to stop working for good.

Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures

Exposure to sudden temperature changes can easily damage your watches. So, do not forget to take them off and store somewhere safe, for example, whenever you go to the beach. You should also avoid wearing a watch when you are inside the sauna, as the steam can penetrate the gaskets and the seals inside it.

Also, make sure to remember the water resistance of your watches. If your watch can only handle a depth of 50 meters, never take it any deeper to avoid damage.

Lightly clean them

Although going to a professional can help you clean your timepiece, removing all the sweat and grime can undoubtedly make it look a lot better. Stainless steel, silver, and gold are quite easy to clean. However, they are still prone to scratches as well as wear and tear. That is why it is best to use the right cleaner to help remove the dirt thoroughly. You need to use a nonabrasive cloth to wipe down your watch and then let it dry by using a dry, soft fabric.

While luxury watches need more time and attention to maintain them properly, doing so will help ensure that they will last far longer. It is best to purchase your watch from a legitimate seller near your area so you can guarantee its authenticity.

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