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How Much Should You Spend In Utah For Lighting Fixture Installations?

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The type of lighting fixture that you plan to install at home will be the most important factor to consider when estimating your budget. In Utah, electrical contractors usually base their fees on the type of fixture.

Home owners should expect to spend between $151 and $804 on average for installations. Some people could spend as low as $75 for simple fixtures such as ceiling-mounted lights, or up to $2,000 for more detailed and expensive ones like chandeliers. It’s important to hire a professional for this type of job, especially if you need to make changes to your home’s electrical wiring.

Types of Fixtures

Some of the more complex lighting fixtures include recessed lighting, which cost from $175 to $225 for installation without the materials. This type of fixture needs an electrician’s service because of the required inserts inside a drywall, apart from finishing after each installation. It usually takes three hours to complete installation.

If you need to install fluorescent lights in a garage or workspace, you should expect to spend between $85 and $217 for one to three hours of installation alone. The standard size of a fluorescent bulb measures 36 inches for a two-set unit, which could be mounted in a ceiling or as an anchored into a drywall.

Another reason to hire an electrician involves outdated wiring that’s not easily recognizable when doing the installation by yourself. A professional would know if your current power system has enough amperage to support a new lighting fixture. Otherwise, you may need to rewire a room or the entire house.

Rewiring A Home

Female electrician rewiring a houseYou could estimate the cost of rewiring your home by drawing a map of each room and the corresponding changes. It also helps if you already have a quote from the contractor. Most of basic wiring will remain the same if you don’t plan on remodeling an entire room. You should track the number of light switches and fixtures that you want to add based on your budget. Each new circuit will increase the installation price by $104.

Take note that adding fixtures in the attic may cost more than doing the same in a basement, due to the increased difficulty of installation. The next thing to determine is the number of new circuits, which could incur around $200 in installation expenses. A new electrical panel may cost between $1,000 and $3,000 or more based on the number of new circuits.

Cost of materials will be among the last things to consider once you know how much rewiring work should be done. You should shop around for prices since it can be quite expensive. For instance, copper wire for a normal rewiring project may reach up to $1,000. Don’t forget to secure the necessary permits before proceeding with the installation.


When choosing an electrical contractor, you should look for a licensed and insured professional. Schedule the installation during working hours to save money, preferably during weekdays. While there are many 24-hour electricians for emergencies, this would easily increase the price of installation.

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