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Why Choose the Mercedes Sprinter Over Other Vans?

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The thought of mini-vans usually creates images of unattractive mid-sized cars used to haul kids to baseball practice. The market is teeming with cookie-cutter vans that appear to be huge and spacious from the outside but are actually cramped and claustrophobic inside.

Buyers need to search for the best vans carefully. And one of the best things to do here is to look for Mercedes Sprinter vans for sale in Idaho. Why? Well, a Mercedes vehicle has always been held in high respect in the automotive industry. Features-wise, this van is impressive and effectively changes the negative notions people have about vans.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Sprinter vans are highly convenient and functional, but that does not mean they should already look dull and boring. Mercedes has created a Sprinter with a steep, sloping front and a stylish, high-quality standard with various options to suit everyone’s needs. This is like a blank palette that can be customized to satisfy individual tastes, whether for cargo, passenger or family needs.

Top Choice for a Family Van

Among its counterparts, the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the best choices for a family van. It has 10 removable seats and still has a lot of space for cargo. It is built with a 2.7-liter turbo diesel direct fuel injection engine. The van is known to get 28 MPG at 55 MPG, making family camping trips a comfortable journey for everyone.

The whole family can pack all necessary equipment for the trip including all of the children’s knick-knacks. You can even take the family dog regardless of the breed and size. Compared with similar vans, the Mercedes Sprinter has better fuel-efficiency even when running at the maximum cargo load.

Smooth and Excellent Maneuvering

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The Mercedes Sprinter is designed with a tall and wide body, but drivers will note its smooth steering and excellent radius turning. Even if there are sharp turns and tight corners, drivers can drive around easier because it has a standard tilt and telescoping steering wheel.

For Cargo and Business Use

Mercedes also has Sprinter vans specifically and economically designed to be used for cargo and other business needs. The options include the standard, high and mega roof height with body lengths varying from 233 to 289 inches. Buyers can also choose whether to have the 144 or 170-inch wheelbase.

An allowable towing capacity of up to 7,500 pounds also gives the business-minded person a lot to think about. These designs do not limit the fact that the Mercedes is still the most stylish van among the practical cargo vans around.

Although it is practical cargo van, this Sprinter can be customized and used for a charter van to bring passengers on tours. It is smaller than the passenger buses so it will work as an intimate tour van. It also has a spacious cargo area, which makes it an ideal vehicle for an airport shuttle. For those looking for a van that has more flair and sleek style than the common ones, the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the top choices. It can be a comfortable family camper van, or a durable and functional cargo van for business.

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