Yes, You Need a Trampoline in Your Life

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Trampoline ExerciseDay in and day out, fitness gurus from around the globe come up with different ways to maximize their body’s potential. In Europe, they came up with the Spartan Race activity wherein participants race through an insane obstacle course involving barbed wire and fire jumps. In Scandinavia, Skijoring is all the rage, which is a mixture of cross-country skiing and dog sled racing.

In some parts of America, active adults rely on trampoline exercises to keep their body in shape. So, are these bouncing contraptions that effective?

Is trampoline training an effective exercise?

According to Louis Coraggio, founder of NYC-based class TrampoLEAN, jumping on a trampoline for an hour provides the body a total workout. However, if there aren’t any classes near your area, says you can purchase a rectangular trampoline and start your routine in your own backyard.

Corragio says trampoline exercises mix muscular toning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and cardio endurance. They add athletic movement, choreography, and intervals to make the jump-based training more effective and enjoyable. He says the exclusive, low-impact nature of the exercise puts minimal tension on the joints, specifically on the back and knees. Bouncing for 50 minutes on a trampoline is equal to taking 4,000 steps.

A person will burn about 400 to 600 calories as well as develop core strength, balance, and stability. Your body will naturally sweat more during the training because the repetitive jumping increases detoxification in the lymphatic systems.

Do trampoline trainings really make you happy?

The founder of the class relates this phenomenon to when you were a baby. Your heart rate decreases when you are rocked and cradled, because your cells are programmed like that. When you bounce on a trampoline, you will innately feel happy and have an optimistic state of mind. During the top of each jump, you are weightless for less than a second, and this feeling modifies your sensory system.

Not only does this training help you lose weight and make you feel happy, the motions involved also encourage a mind-body connection. It’s not a surprise that everyone happily leaps towards this growing trend.

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