Creating Memories at Family Reunions

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Family ReunionFamily reunions are a great time to catch up on your folks’ lives and do some family bonding. Family members can be strangers to one another, and it can cause awkward silent moments. Doing fun activities together gets rid of these embarrassing moments. Here are some fun things to do.

Fun games

Have a good time playing balloon stomp or competing in sack races, egg and spoon relays, among other amusing games. Physical activities such as swimming competitions are also great and will ensure that everyone is involved.


Reunions bring family members who have varied interests together. To get a taste of families cuisines, ask your guests to bring their favourite family food. Compile the recipes together to create a family recipe book that you can give to your guests. If it is not possible to bring a potluck, ask the visitors to send you their recipes.


Carefully plan the venue for your reunion. If you have a large family and you cannot take them all in, or if you prefer a change of home environment, consider hiring a function venue in Brisbane, advised an expert from The hotel venue is ideal because food preparation won’t be a problem anymore.

Show off talent

Create a slot for a talent show and let everyone know so that they can prepare early. You might be surprised at the talents in your family. Print certificates for the winners

Family history

Family get-togethers are the ideal time to update family history. Request your relatives to bring what information they could have about the family and let them share. A creative way of updating the family tree is to draw a chart on the wall and having the family members fill in the missing information.

Family reunions are fun, and they leave lasting memories. Make them unique so that everyone will always remember the events.

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