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Worker Retention: Measures to Encourage Your Employees to Stay

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As an employer, you need to attract talented people in order to work for you. It would also be in your interest to keep them, especially when they render valuable service. However, nowadays, people are always looking for a better culture and environment when they’re seeking jobs. Aside from that, they are also looking for greater benefits. The question is, aside from the monthly salary you can offer, what are other things you can offer to keep them with you and maintain their productivity?

Provide Attractive Benefits

Let’s be honest here! People are not only working because they like the environment and culture. They are working for money as well as benefits. One of the common ones provided is health insurance. After all, your employees are still human, and will get sick or injured from time to time. Knowing that the company can partly cover such situations is a huge burden off their minds. Another benefit would be employee discount schemes, where they can reduce some of their expenses and save more of their income.

Create a Mental Health-Friendly Environment

Many employees resign not because of their salary, although that can be a factor. They sometimes opt to leave their jobs because of the environment itself. There are times when they get tired because the management fails to recognise their contributions. They are also unable to speak their mind, causing them to leave because of toxicity. Try to listen to your employees. Learn about what they think about you without making them fear losing their job. Create an open environment. Be ready to hear everyone. Make praises in public and correct in private. This way, they will gladly choose to stay with you.

Hold Engaging Events and Activities

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Routine tasks can get boring and demotivating. Creating a special event once in a while can refresh your employees and boost their urge to go to work. If you do not have any idea for one, you can ask them what they would like to do or have. For example, would they want a regular year-end party? Or would they want something like Free Drink Friday? Think of something that they would like and you can offer without disrupting your operations. Do you lack the budget for it? You can look for sponsors who will provide it in exchange for promotions to your employees.

Learn to Appreciate Your Employees

This sounds like common sense, but it is often neglected. It can be easier for us to scold our people than give them the praise and appreciation that they deserve. Making your employees feel that they are valued can make them strive even more. It is not so hard to give them a tap on their back and tell them, “Good job!” Even saying “Thank you” when your employees help you out is a good start.

These are some of the many methods that you can use to encourage your people to stay. You do not have to threaten them or bind them to an unfair contract. When you are a good person to your employees, they will often give you the same treatment in return.

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