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What Are the Top Three Employee Productivity Killers?

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All business owners understand just how important employee productivity is in the workplace. You may be working hard to boost the productivity levels of your employees. But if you fail to pinpoint the trouble spots present, then all your efforts will go down the drain.

Each business has different pain points. A company leader’s job is to check what causes such occurrence and start raising employee productivity. Do you wonder how you can cope with such a situation? We have gathered three of the most common productivity killers and some of the best ways to combat each one.

Poor communication and collaboration

Communication is essential no matter the type of business or industry you are in. Without it, you would find it hard to connect and collaborate effectively with others. The same goes for when your employees find it hard to collaborate with each other. If you can fill the gap, you can boost employee productivity in no time.

What you can do is to build a communication-friendly culture at work. Make sure that the managers are keeping their subordinates on the loop. If regular meetings are needed, then, by all means, set them up as often as necessary. To boost collaboration, streamline processes and provide them with team collaboration software. Take advantage of tools that allow employees to share, store, and retrieve files easily. You can hire a local company that offers cloud file sync services that match your business needs.

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Sick building syndrome

Employees who are often sick while in the workplace experience the sick building syndrome. Many attribute this condition to the poor air quality inside an enclosed space. Sometimes, the sick building syndrome can mimic other conditions, including common colds and allergies. One key indicator is that you feeling your condition improved after leaving the workplace. But the symptoms will come back after your stay in the building again.

Employees with sick building syndrome have poor productivity. What you can do is to address the issues that can contribute to the condition. Check your workplace for any presence of harmful substances. Always keep the area clean, get rid of mold, and improve the ventilation inside the workplace. Provide your employees with a comfortable working environment and give them enough time to rest.

Negativity in the workplace

Is a manager stressing their subordinates out? Or maybe there is that one employee who is not happy with their work, which is dragging their team down? When there is negativity in the workplace, you can expect the culprit to be less productive. They can even cause those around them to be unproductive. By addressing such negativity, you can expect a great improvement in employee productivity.

These are three common pain points that you need to address if you wish to improve business productivity. Since your employees are your workforce, it is only a must that you look after them and keep their morale high. This is not only so that you can reach your target goal each time but also retain your best employees and attract more talent.

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