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Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit in Singapore

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Singapore is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world. Every person has included Singapore as one of their definite top destinations when it comes to traveling Asia – and for good reason! Singapore is not only full of beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions, but it is also rich in culture and diversity that makes so many people want to visit it. The country is also known for its technological advancements, which means their public transport is convenient for tourists and helpful. Also, GrabCar rental is available in various parts of Singapore, so that you could be able to get to these tourist attractions faster and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost. Here are the top things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Singapore:

Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

If you enjoy long walks and strolls, then this is definitely one of the places that you need to visit. You can stroll along the 3.5 kilometer walkway along the bay that would give you a perfect view of the bay, and would come across several attractions along the way as well. While the Marina Bay is one of Singapore’s most treasured natural tourist attractions, the view is surrounded by the modern addition of tall buildings with spectacular designs and skyscrapers as an outlook of the luxurious life in Singapore.

Orchard Road – Singapore’s Famous Shopping District

young kid riding a cable carYou can’t come to Singapore and not visit its famous shopping street: Orchard Road. There’s no better place to have a shopping spree in Singapore than in Orchard Road for there are many high-end stores in every corner of the area. Also, the area is not only limited to doing shopping sprees since the area has at least 22 malls with 3 department stores, an IMAX cinema and four other movie theaters, and also a KTV establishment for those who would love to do karaoke together!

Explore Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is definitely more than just luxurious hotels, lifestyles, and shopping districts. In fact, it could also offer you a peaceful moment with nature – and that is through exploring Gardens by the Bay. This is a nature park that consists of three gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden. You can explore the Bay South Garden and enjoy a peaceful and calming moment while admiring nature’s beauty. One of the key things that you shouldn’t miss is the Supertree Grove from the Lily Pond – since this is a perfect example of blending both nature and modern technology. You would also want to check out the tall indoor waterfall at Cloud Forest Dome to really maximise your experience with nature and be familiarised with biodiversity.

Merlion Park

This particular attraction’s name is represented by a mythical creature that has a lion’s head and a tail of the fish for the body. In 2002, the structure was moved to Merlion Park, which is visible from Marina Bay which stands over 8.2 meters tall – the fountain spouting water from the lion’s mouth. The Merlion Cub is a smaller version at 2 meters tall, which is nearby the area, with at least five other Merlion statues scattered within the city. This is the perfect spot to take a picture – either with the symbolic creature, or just the great view of the park – but whichever you’d like, this is the perfect place that would make your friends know you’ve been to Singapore!

Maximise your tourist experience in Singapore by giving a little bit of everything a try: from the luxury to nature, and to the iconic historical landmark!

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