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Why Modern Granny Flats are Functional and Flexible

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granny flatDid you notice how the designs for granny flats are more modern? They come with wide glass walls, they have mini gardens and decks, and use energy-friendly materials.

Blend with Urban Designs

One factor that drives this change is the increasing number of families in cities living with a dependent. Urban homes tend to have a modern look, so it only follows that when you build an extension, its design blends with the main home’s style. This is also true when you construct a separate home for older adults to occupy.


Urban designs bring good to the homeowner and the occupants, as you have diverse options. This means customising things to fit your needs. Occupants of granny flats get to live in a home with features that cater to their needs but doesn’t look like a typical home care facility. They also live close to their family while keeping their independence.

Modern granny flat designs in Perth have a patio or receiving area. These make the space look bigger, telling occupants that they can invite guests over.

According to granny flats builders, Perth properties can have a small dining table and chairs on the patio to allow families to eat together. Homeowners may also go with a sofa and a centre table for small talk or brunch.

The detached house is often close to a small garden, making it ideal for morning or afternoon relaxation. The elderly can just sit there reading, enjoying the surroundings or watching their grandchildren play.

Modern home designs, including those of granny flats, are more flexible and often reflect the needs of occupants. They don’t need to occupy a large space to be fully functional.

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