Not Just Plain White: What Colour are Your Teeth?

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TeethContrary to societal standards and common public belief, teeth are not just white. It is a shade of white, but there are several nuances to it all. In fact, dentists use a shade guide to accurately measure and determine tooth colour.

There are a number of shade guides used by dental specialists across the globe. Although there is no standard system of measurement, most of them refer to four basic shade ranges: range A, which is reddish to brown; range B, which is reddish to yellow; C, which is a spectrum of grey, and D, which is reddish to grey.

Some could have a very light shade in the reddish to yellow range, or a dark shade in the grey range. Should you want a shade as close to white as possible, consult with dental experts, like the team behind AuraDentalLondon.co.uk, to help you achieve the shade that you want.

Fifty Shades of White (or More)

Within each range are different levels of lightness and darkness, which results in a chart diverse and detailed enough for almost everyone with all kinds of shades of teeth colour to find their exact and precise tooth colour on the guide.

To use such a guide, you simply just match your current tooth colour what is on the chart until you find the closest shade. This gives you a starting point to help determine how much whiter or lighter you’d like your teeth colour to be.

Factors That Affect a Person’s Teeth

Several factors affect the colour of a person’s teeth. Some factors are controllable, some aren’t. Genetics, for example, is a factor you can’t control. You can inherit that grey shade or your propensity to staining. Aging, medicine use, and injury are other factors you can’t control that affect teeth colour.

However, your food and drink choices are a factor you have total control over. Certain food and drink items cause staining over time, such as coffee, red wine, and a number of berries. Over-fluoridation and smoking are two other factors that also play a hand at the yellowing of teeth.

White teeth are incredibly helpful in boosting self-esteem and socialisation skills. Don’t be embarrassed to show off your stunning pearly whites next time by learning about your exact teeth colour and doing something until it reaches a shade you’re most comfortable with.

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