Laser Eye Surgery

What to Do Before, During and After Laser Eye Surgery

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Laser Eye SurgeryStatistics show that more than 50% of the Australian population experiences visual problems. This includes long-term eyesight problems that affect the components and membranes of the eye. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are common medical devices that are used to correct eyesight. However, laser eye surgery has become an increasingly popular technique to provide lasting treatment for visual problems.

Preparations before the Surgery

Prior to the operation, the ophthalmologist from places like the Australian Institute of Eye Surgery will assess risk factors, drug intake and medical history to manage conditions that may affect the surgery. A comprehensive eye examination to detect refractive errors, pupil dilation, corneal thickness and eye moistness is also performed. A wavefront analysis is used to accurately determine the abnormalities that affect your eyesight.

During the Surgery

Laser surgery is a procedure that involves the use of a laser to change the shape of the cornea. Local anaesthesia is topically placed to reduce sensation in the eye. A firm speculum and suction ring will be held in place to maintain eye position and prevent sudden lid closure.

During the operation, a microkeratome is used to incise the flap that covers the cornea. Nowadays, a femtosecond laser can also be used to gain access to the cornea without using a blade. Either of the two techniques can be used based on the patient’s health risks, needs and preferences. A second laser called the excimer laser is then used to change the shape of the actual corneal tissue. As soon as the right shape is achieved, the flap is surgically reattached.

After the Surgery

Blurring of vision, dryness and itching are normally felt a few hours after the surgery. Symptoms will become minimal the following day since the eye has already adjusted to the new corneal position. Eye drops may be prescribed by ophthalmologists to prevent infections, although it is not recommended in all cases.

The Bottom Line

Laser eye surgery Sydney is an effective, long-term treatment to problems in eyesight. Thus, it is important to find a licensed eye care practitioner who specializes in laser eye surgery.

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