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More than Relief and Relaxation: Benefits of Sports Massage

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Physiotherapist in WellingtonAre you into sports? If so, then you must have endured a lot of body pains already. You must have experienced a few injuries as well. How do you manage such instances? Do you just take a rest or do you opt for a massage?

According to, you should do both. While resting is good, you should also allow your muscles to relax and heal with the help of a soothing massage. Do you know some physiotherapists in Wellington? Sports massage is among the services they offer; it pays to visit them and try some great treatment options.

Below are some of the manybenefits of sports massage:

  • It reduces pain and relaxes the muscles.

How do you get these benefits? As for pain reduction, massage helps reduce tension and waste products (which cause pain) through releasing endorphins. As for muscle relaxation, this is due to the heat it generates. Massage stretches the tissues, thus, causing relaxation.

  • It prevents muscle soreness.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. But hey, sports massage can do both – sort of. Apart from relieving the pain, it can also prevent muscle fatigue by encouraging blood flow throughout the body.

  • It increases tissue permeability.

The pores in tissue membranes open, thus, enabling nutrients to pass through. Such happening helps in removing waste products and taking up oxygen.

  • It reduces anxiety.

Massage doesn’t only relax the muscles, but the mind as well. And as the mind and body relax, the levels of anxiety become reduced.

  • It gives a strong and healthy feeling.

Massage also gives an invigorating feeling. If done before an activity or event, you will feel more energised. It enhances various parts of the body; hence, you will feel stronger and healthier.

These are just a few of the numerous benefits of sports massage. Try it, and you’ll get more than just relief and relaxation. You’ll surely achieve a healthier mind and body; and you’ll be ready to enjoy more activities while maintaining your physical strength.

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