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Year Starter: Housekeeping from the Get-Go

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Lawn Mowing Service in MinneapolisPeople everywhere in Minneapolis have just said their goodbyes to 2015. With a few weeks in, the year 2016 presents a new beginning. Before you set out to fulfill your list of stellar New Year’s resolutions, you should stop to check your chores first. The year ahead is going to be tough, so you should prepare not only yourself but your property for it.

Nowhere should your “new beginning” take form than that of your house. Here are the top three housekeeping tasks you should get out of the way,so your home is ready for the coming months of 2016:

Electricals and Plumbing

Most houses have very basic systems that make them functional for everyday habitation — electricals and plumbing are among them. In the interest of the long-term maintenance of your house, you should start with these. Check your electrical systems if they are still up-to-date and safe. After the electrical systems, inspect your plumbing. Inspect if any of these require repair or replacement; call your friendly neighborhood electrician or plumber for professional help.


You may or may not be a professional interior designer, but you have to admit that a good shuffling of house furniture is one way to start the year off with good vibes. Furniture arrangement and color scheme can affect the homeowner’s mindset and mood. Use this to refresh your mind for the year by rearranging your house décor to your liking. Dispose of old furniture, repaint the walls, or relocate your favorite coach. You may also do a general cleaing of the house while you’re at it.

Garden and Yard

Lastly, attending to the outdoors will complete the year-start housekeeping. Believe it or not, the garden or yard plays a huge role in giving your house that aesthetic appeal. It is a good idea to give the yard a good clean-up, as well. Give the trees and plants a good trimming, repair the fences, and clean the yard. If you do landscaping or maintain a vibrant green lawn, calling lawn mowing services in Minneapolis, MN to give it a good pass is always a great idea.

The home is a physical extension of its owner. If you want to be squared away for the year ahead, your house should too.

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