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Wham, Bam, House & Land

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selling house lotHome and land packages are attractive choices for potential buyers, as you can own the ground and the house built on it. Still, find one that is in your preferred location, within you budget, and from a good developer. Do not just buy for the heck of it. The lifestyle provisions and the workmanship should also suit your ideals.

What are House and Land Packages?

As mentioned earlier, buying such a package nets you the plot of land, and the house built atop it. There are two types – one is where you just buy the house and the ground together, and the second is when you buy the ground and work with the builder to construct your house on this ground. This is what builder call ‘off-the-plan’ model.

In the first option, you cannot customise the house, which is pre-built.In the second, though, you can change the designs to suit your needs to an extent. Manor Lakes notes that both options are much more affordable than other modes of buying property.

Steps to a Package Deal

First, decide on the budget and your affordability. Afterwards, start looking for viable options at preferred locations. Keep a record of all the properties you review.

Look at the floor plans, the accommodations available including the number of rooms and the other features such as the garage or shed. Shortlist some of the properties before you check out the credibility and workmanship of the builders. Check with the past buyers about the experience and reputation of the builders.

Forging an Agreement

Talk to the builder of your choice about your dream home and the features you want; this is especially true for off-the-plan models. Builders can show you the options on offer that will match your preferences.

Discuss the costs and the deposits you need to pay, which applies to both modes. Your immediate expenses will not be as huge in the second mode, though, unlike the first. You merely have to make the payment over the period of the construction.

Make use of the above suggestions to guide you to the right path. You can compare deals, however, and if something is still cheaper, go for it. Just make sure you do not compromise on quality.

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