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Tourism Investments: How to Spot the Best Hotel Property

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Hotel LobbySome say that a hotel should be like a home away from home. Others prefer their hotels to be more luxurious and glamorous than their actual homes. Either way, a good hotel should offer comfort, relaxation, entertainment and most of all a sanctuary from the daily grind. After all, even if they aren’t on a vacation and are actually on a busy business trip, they want a space where they can de-stress and relax in the best way possible.

While some simply stay in hotels, others are into buying them. And if you are looking into investing in a hotel property, you should think like a tourist. What do you want in a room, what amenities really matter, and what extra feature would surprise you?

There are hundreds, may even thousands, of hotels for sale around the country. But there are few key things to look for in a hotel property. We have listed the three must-have qualities that every first-rate hotel should have.

Location, of course

Nothing beats a hotel with a good location. It should offer great views either of the sea, the mountain or the forest. There are hotels that rest just right off the cliff offering a spectacular view of the sky and majestic mountain ranges. There are also hotels under the sea offering guests a peek at the underwater world. The main thing is a good hotel should have a room with a great view.

The architecture & interior design

The interiors, no matter the theme or the design, or whether it is a boutique hotel with a quirky flavour, should be conducive to relaxation. This is especially true for the suites, which should entice the guests to rest and feel at home.

Friendly Staff

Lastly, and most importantly, a good hotel should have a wonderful staff. They should be welcoming and helpful and be there for the guests when their assistance is required. As what the concierge, M. Gustav, said in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, a hotel staff should be inconspicuous and yet should always be present when needed.

With these three qualities present, guests will definitely consider going back to that particularly charming and, in many ways, perfect hotel.

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