Writing a Killer Slogan

4 Tips on Writing a Killer Slogan

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Writing a Killer SloganWhat do Nike, Coke, and McDonald’s have in common?

They are popular brands, yes. But no, that is not the answer. You are probably wondering how a shoe, beverage and fast food company have something in common. Well, Nike, Coke, and McDonald’s have… wait for it… catchy slogans.

Slogans are an important part of every advertising campaign. They are phrases that make your brand more appealing and memorable to the audience. Think about it; when you hear “Just Do It,” you immediately think of the big white swoosh. When you hear “I’m lovin’ it,” you instantly see the golden arches.

If you want to reinforce brand awareness, you need to have a killer slogan. Here are some tips to help you come up with a slogan that will make a lasting impression.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

The point of the slogan is to communicate what makes your brand different. In writing your slogan, advertising experts from Route2Take suggest thinking about what differentiates you from competitors. Slogans make the first impression, so it needs to emphasise your brand’s worth. Follow the example of Volkswagen. They highlighted what makes them unique: the mini cars. Their slogan is “Think small.”

Keep It Short

Slogans must not be longer than a sentence, and typically have six to eight words. If it goes beyond this, it will become jumbled, confusing, and forgettable. Keep it safe and memorable. Follow the example of Sony. Their slogan is “Make believe.

Make it Rhyme

Give your slogan a rhythm, rhyme and ring. Slogans that are pleasing to the ear are more recognisable and memorable. You can also easily compose a jingle if your slogan has a rhyme. Take the example of KFC: “It’s finger lickin’ good”

Make It Funny if You Can

This depends on the kind of brand or service you offer. Decide if humour is appropriate; if it is, make sure that it is really humorous, not lame. Take the example of the brand Poo-Pourri. The products are oils that eliminate bathroom odour. Their slogan is “Girls don’t poop.”

Write killer slogans for your brand. Partner with advertising experts so you can ensure that your slogans will make a lasting impression and resonate with audiences.

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