Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Bathroom RenovationPeople love to renovate restrooms and toilets, next only to their kitchens. A kitchen renovation can cost a lot, as the space will be larger. With bathrooms, the space is much smaller so the budget will not be as significant.

Plenty of ideas

There are many bathroom ideas on the Internet. Consult your architect if there are viable options after checking the place and the layout of the fixtures. Follow these tips from Select Solutions to help with your remodelling project:

• You can go for a lower look and have built in spaces for soap dishes, shampoos, lotions, towels, toilet roll holders and medicine shelf.
• Instead of shower curtains, you can install a shower enclosure made of crystal clear or stained glass.
• Change the floorings and try to have stained and fully sealed wood floors in the dry areas of the room.
• If the room is small, white or cream colours for the flooring, walls and the tiles can work well. These will make the space look roomy and airy.
• Use white for the toilet seats and bathtubs, to ensure these will look new for a longer period.
• Instead of one ceiling light fixture, have strategically placed lights so that you can look at yourself clearly in the mirror. Having a few lights around the mirror is a good idea, as well.
• Apart from the usual lighting fixtures, install a dimmer switch. This is a simple device that can dim the lights in the room and create a soothing mood. This is excellent when you want to have a relaxing late night bath.

Have decorative articles if space permits

The above tips are suitable for a normal sized bathroom. If you have a larger space, then you can have a number of flower arrangements, stand alone pieces, or cupboards. You can place wicker baskets or a hamper. These can serve as storage for towels, soaps and other items. You can have more hooks and rods for hanging bathrobes and hand towels.

Use your imagination and come up with many new ideas as you go along. Get a good designer so that you use the space aesthetically and wisely.

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