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Renovate Your House with a New Cladding System

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wall claddingYou can renovate your house with various cladding options. So if you are stuck with a not so good-looking home, you need not worry too much about its aesthetics. There are those who like to buy unsightly yet spacious homes at very affordable costs, and then beautify them by renovating with the proper cladding material.

Renovate and Refurbish

It is easy to change the appearance of the home by changing the siding, or the protective shield normally applied to the sides of the outer or even inner walls. You can also apply fresh paint to cover concrete work.

You can clad only parts of the house; maybe panelling only the upper floors will be enough to brighten up the home exteriors. You can have coordinated concrete tiles for only the front portion of the house and change the windows to give the home a good refurbished look.

1. Timber

Besides the usual concrete, you can use timber, other softwood or PVC material for your wall cladding. Hardwood is the best choice, but it can be expensive. Heat treated choices are also available if you are willing to pay the price. Chestnut and oak are wonderful and age well, turning into a wonderful silver colour. Softwood like pine and spruce are also good and probably more affordable.

All kinds of wood need proper treatment at regular intervals to maintain their look. Anti-termite and other pest proof coating may also be needed. You can also have them painted.

Softwood naturally needs more care than hardwood. If you are planning to live in the same home for a long time, then wood is your best choice.

2. PVC

PVC is more affordable and easier to maintain. Coloured versions are now available with some detailing. They may not be as good as timber, but at least they come for a much lower price. They will fade over time, so you may spend more to keep them looking new. For those who are moving to another home but would like to make their old home still look good on a budget, PVC is a good choice.

With a little imagination and a reasonable amount, you can clad your home to suit your requirements and give it a new and refreshed look.

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