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Designer Chimney Ideas: Why Install a New Chimney

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Chimney IdeasModern chimneys add functionality and aesthetics to your house, and they are also easier to maintain. New designer chimneys come in various sizes, shapes and colours and are usually made to order according to certain specifications. They may cost a bit more, but they also give more value for your money.

A designer chimney in your kitchen ensures safety for your household as well as for the environment. Choose a chimney company in Long Island that can supply you with a chimney that comes with a special baffle filter, which successfully separates water vapor, oil and other elements from the rising fumes when you cook. These are collected with thin strips. The kitchen odors are also effectively filtered.

Designer chimneys also serve as effective pest repellents and air sense ionizers. The baffle filter sucks out saturated fats from the fumes that arise when you are cooking. These are specifically designed on the SHE principle: safety, health, and environment.

These are energy efficient. A designer chimney usually needs only a little space for installation. That’s why they are preferred more because of the dual advantages of cost-effectiveness and space saving. Any renowned manufacturer of designer chimneys will also guarantee efficient post-sales service, including guarantees, warranties, and maintenance. Since these are made from rust-resistant steel and are powder coated, they continue to work in corrosive environments as well.

Any designer chimney will have a powerful motor and blower that has strong suction powers to eliminate unwanted fumes and smoke that are produced while cooking. The unique mechanism that these chimneys have for repelling pests produces ultrasonic waves that help keep away rodents, flies, ants, and cockroaches, making your house a much healthier place.

In summary, low energy consumption, high capacity blowing abilities, LED Lights, easy maintenance and optimized speed make designer chimneys the ideal choice for a modern home.

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