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‘Dietmeter’: When to Know You’re Doing it Wrong

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dietmeter planLet’s be realistic – when you browse your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds, most of the posts you see almost every day are pictures of those flaunting their slim and toned body. They can be intimidating, but at some point, there are also posts that are quite off – photos of those who have taken their diet to extremes.

Trying to lose weight and dieting is normal, considering that most people nowadays fall under overweight or obese category. It’s a great thing to get rid of the unwanted fat to look and feel better. However, take your diet to the extreme and your diet will most likely fail. Don’t be one of those who create a perfect image of themselves in mind and get desperate to get thin.

When Diet Becomes Disastrous

You’ve been there at some point – depriving yourself to eat 1000 calories for two days, and then eating over 1000 calories the next day. Do you think this diet will work for you? Of course not! Trying to limit your calorie intake isn’t as terrible as you may think. The same goes with getting rid of the food you love.

This is the reason dietary supplements are available in the market. Yes! They may not totally replace the nutrients found in food, but, when your plate falls short, these supplements can actually take up the nutritional slack. Tracking your food and nutritional supplement intake while working off a proper meal plan could bring you many benefits.

When You Become Obsessed with Being Thin

You have heard all of these – the cotton ball diet, the sleeping beauty diet and the forking diet – they are all-common and have shown good results for others. For most people, however, these diets are taken far beyond their boundaries, getting bad diet results.

Becoming obsessed with being thin can certainly cause eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Instead of getting good results, you might be disappointed at how your diet plan creates a distorted image of yourself.

It is fine to be aggressive about getting your weight loss goal faster, but it is even more beneficial if you will do it right. Consult the experts to know which diet plan works best for you.

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