Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening: Do You Really Need It?

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Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening may not seem like an important thing to consider. After all, everyone loses the natural white color of their teeth over time. Many may likewise prefer having a set of teeth that are not too blindingly white because it looks more natural. Others may simply view teeth whitening as a simple and unnecessary dental procedure only aimed towards aesthetics.

People have different reasons when they visit a dental practice to undergo tooth whitening in Buckinghamshire or anywhere in England. Not all of them, however, are for aesthetic purposes.

Colour Discoloration Due to Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for the lungs, but for the teeth as well. Having your teeth whitened clears away all the discoloration brought on by smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes speed up the discoloration and weakening of the enamel. White teeth allow you to get a blank slate and start over with quitting your habit. Your newly whitened set can motivate you to stop staining it with tobacco so you can ultimately stick with your journey of quitting. You are more likely to stop when you can see that there is progress.

Teeth Problems Due to Genetics

Some people unfortunately have stains on their teeth due to genetics. This is something they cannot help and may have affected their self-esteem when growing up. Stains can cause a person to look like they have bad oral hygiene even if they do follow a daily routine of brushing and other dental care activities. When you are born with naturally yellow or spotted enamel, it can be frustrating to achieve a clean look. Visiting your dentist to get your teeth whitened may help remove stains and bring your enamel’s shade to an appealing level.

Whatever your reason for wanting white teeth, you should be sure if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Have your dental health checked and see if your teeth are in need of whitening. Maybe simply having better oral hygiene can help you tone down the yellowish color you hate.

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