Flood Damage in Utah

After the Flood: Taking Stock of Damage to the Floors and Walls of Your Home

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Flood Damage in UtahOnce the floodwaters recede, you have to take stock of the damage. Floodwaters penetrate everything and spare nothing. You will find the floors and walls of your home dripping wet and soaked in mud. There are all sorts of flotsam and jetsam wherever you look, and some of the stuff you see is not yours. Insects and other animals may be hiding in the nooks and crannies.

A proper flood cleanup in your Utah home is definitely the first of your urgent tasks to do, and then you can begin putting things back in order.

The Floor

Your home’s flooring will suffer the most, especially if you have wooden flooring. The wood swells because it absorbs water readily, and the sub-floor may buckle. Wooden floors are soaked through, and take a long time to dry out completely. If the floor of your home has a vinyl covering, exposure to water will make them curl at the edges, and make the floor slippery. If you have ceramic tile, there will not be much of a problem on the surface, but the floodwaters will not spare the sub-flooring. If the damage is severe, you have to other recourse but to replace the flooring. However, if the damage is mild to moderate, you can explore possible remediation methods with a contractor as soon as the water damage restorers are done with the place.

The Walls

If your interior walls are built using gypsum products, the need to replace them completely depends on the period of exposure to floodwaters. If the gypsum boards are soaked in water for more than two hours, they become waterlogged, including the cavities of the walls. Your home will be infested with mold and mildew in due time if you allow the damaged walls to stand.

If your community is vulnerable to flooding, you might have to deal with water damage quite often. It is wise to implement preventative measures to minimize flood damage. It may take some time to do everything, but it will be well worth it.

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