Things to Eat and Drink that Surprisingly Lead to a Flawless Smile

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Healthy TeethThese days, a flawless set of teeth is no longer difficult to achieve. Those who seek whiter and straighter teeth, for instance, may turn to veneers. Individuals looking to fill in the gap of a missing tooth, meanwhile, can find a solution in zirconia crowns.

For a natural way to enhance your smile, however, it pays to be mindful of what you eat. When it comes to caring for your teeth, what you eat is just as important as what you forego.

It’s common knowledge that sugary, sticky candy won’t do your teeth any favours. What you should include in your diet if you’re aiming for a beautiful set of pearly whites doesn’t get as much attention, however. Here are some things to include in your diet for healthy teeth and gums:


Black and green teas both help impede the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. They also contain antioxidants that enhance overall mouth health.


Popping some sugar-free gum into your mouth in between meals can help stimulate saliva and clean teeth. Avoid chewing for long periods, however, to prevent your jaws and gums from getting sore.


Drinking water after a meal, especially after eating sugary treats, is good for your oral health. Water not only rinses food particles from the teeth, but it also helps dilute the substance produced by bacteria as they convert the sugar into acid.

Lean Protein and Nuts

Lean cuts of poultry, fish and meat contain phosphorous, which strengthens the tooth enamel or the protective part of the teeth. Both chicken and fish contain niacin. Nuts, such as almonds, offer iron and riboflavin, which are all essential to maintaining the health of teeth and gums.

Experts say that the key to keeping teeth healthy lies in variety and moderation. Apart from these foods and drinks, it’s important to eat a balanced meal that includes an item from each of the food groups. Incorporating vegetables, fruits, protein, grains and dairy into your daily diet helps prevent vitamin deficiencies and strengthens the immune system, which in turn saves you from many mouth and gum diseases.

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