Tree Pruning: What, When, Why and How?

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Tree PruningTrees provide great aesthetic touch in your backyard, especially during the spring and autumn seasons, thanks to their lively and changing colours. But like any other living organisms on earth, trees grow. Sometimes, their growth poses hassles and risks more than benefits. Thus, the need to trim or prune them.

Trimming shrubs are generally easy because they are smaller and would require lesser tools and skills. Pruning trees, however, are typically more effortful, especially big ones. Right sets of skills are needed to ensure that the tree stays alive. The right tools are also necessary. Typically, professionals like Cherry Picker Services are called to deal with large trees. Rental of cherry pickers and other pruning tools are necessary to get the job done.

Why is tree pruning done?

Before getting your gear and starting the job, it is important to understand why people prune trees. Trees are mostly pruned for practical purposes like height reduction, better air circulation, and removal of obstructing branches. Others prune trees to remove diseased or storm-damaged branches. Homeowners who maintain their backyards, on the other hand, usually opt for pruning to keep their tree well-shaped for aesthetic purposes.

When and how do you prune a tree?

Pruning is best done early, meaning during planting time. The earlier a plant is pruned, the easier it would be to manage as it grows bigger. However, for large and established trees, it is recommended to have professionals take care of the job.

Proper pruning lies on making the right cut. Cutting just outside the area where the branch meets the trunk is the appropriate way of pruning. This part is called the branch collar. It contains chemicals that speed the formation of callus tissue that seals the “wound”. So technically, you can cut your tree without killing it from the roots.

Pruning is not a task for everyone. But with proper exposure and knowledge, smaller shrubs and plants can be done via DIY.

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