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Holes, Leaks, and Rust: Fixing Common Gutter Problems

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Man Cleaning Roof GutterOld, sagging, and leaking gutters may not be much of an issue for you. That is until rainwater comes flowing down your siding and your foundation.

As much as you want to let old gutters be, they’re the only thing that separates you from a major water damage problem. noted that the easiest way to make sure you don’t ever have to deal with a flooded basement again is to ensure that your rain gutters are in their best condition. If this means contacting rain gutter repair services in Utah, then do so by all means.

If you like to take things into your own hand (while you wait for your inspection or repair appointment), here are some of the most common gutter issues you should take note of:

1. Rusty Gutter

Patches of rust on your gutter are where the bigger holes start to form. If you do regular inspections, you’ll eventually find rusty spots that you will have to patch up simply by using gutter repair tape. Make sure you prepare the surface by using a wire-brush to get rid of as much of the rust as possible.

2. Leaky Gutter

Water leaking from your gutters is often the result of seams coming apart. To solve this problem, look into all the places of connection between metals and use a seam sealer to close them off. A high-quality sealer should be runny, so it can seep into all the narrowest spaces it can go to.

3. Sagging Gutter

While the problem looks complicated, the solution is pretty simple. Get a bunch of hanger brackets at the nearest hardware store, which you can then use to hang the gutter back in place. Simply hook under the front of the gutter and then over the back edge before screwing the hangers into the rafters to keep them in place.

Solving the most common gutter problems is not at all challenging. Unless you have very high gutters and you have a fear of heights, you can easily execute these quick fixes to make sure your rain gutters are protecting your house from water properly.

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