The Pressures of Being “Thin”

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Thin WomanMany women are always in the battle to lose weight or shed ‘extra’ fat, believing that they need to be skinny in order to be considered beautiful and attractive. The pressure takes a heavy toll, as many think they are never thin, hot, or sexy enough for a man. Women have created their own unrealistic standards of perfection that seem to be unattainable.

Women are to Blame

The truth is, however, it is women, not men, who are more consistently critical to other women. It is girls who are doing most of the fat shaming and name-calling. This is why when men call their girlfriends or wives healthy, women usually hear the word fat, signaling they need to lose more weight. Girls are the ones who are being so hard on themselves, becoming so unforgiving on how their body should look like.

Unattainable Standards

It’s never easy to change women’s perception of beauty and self-worth, especially when the society worships a digitally altered beauty, presenting unattainable standards that not all can live up to. The worst part is, when a few people consider a curvy woman sexy and beautiful, some women tend to be cynical, immediately opposing the idea. notes that instead of agreeing or changing their perception, some tend to be harsh and unforgiving.

Feeling Trapped

Those who are obsessed about body shape and size may always run the risk of feeling dissatisfied and disappointed. They may also start moralizing food, negatively affecting how they see themselves. In most cases, they may consider themselves as a failure when they eat unhealthy foods or yield to the temptation to eat more. All these wrong perceptions can rob them the opportunity to have a happy and a satisfying life.

It is hard to control the things that the media or society is presenting today, but women can always control the things they choose to listen or believe. This may mean avoiding people who tear them down or stop looking at websites/magazines that can make them feel crap for not having those tiny body. Most importantly, it is best to keep in mind that everybody is beautiful and unique in its own way. 

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