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Feeling Good: Why Quitting is Hard to Do

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Quit SmokingYou promise yourself not smoke again a couple of times, but you’ve never been good at fulfilling that promise. Every time you attempt not to smoke, your body completely revolts, causing you to light up a cigarette stick and yield to temptation. Quitting is beyond hard, you believe, thinking that you will carry this habit for all your life.

Smoking, for the most part, is both a psychological habit and a physical addiction. The nicotine from the cigarettes provides an addictive high, translating to a “feel good” effect on the brain. Removing the regular fix of nicotine in your body will cause you to experience intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking as Your Daily Ritual

Quitting will seem so hard especially if you’re accustomed to the habit and you consider it as your daily ritual. You may smoke with your coffee every morning while taking afternoon breaks at work, or during your commute going home. The habit may also become a part of how you relate to your friends, colleagues, and family members. One the best ways to quit smoking is to address the habits that go with it.

Broken Confidence

Some people have who struggled significantly to quit smoking and failed to do so, probably think that, “some smokers just can’t quit”. If you have the same belief, you are undermining you self-confidence, which is an important component in kicking the habit successfully. The effect of addiction will destroy your belief, but the right therapy can help rebuild it so that you can pursue quitting.

The Comforting Cigarette

You may find instant relief with smoking, particularly when you’re feeling unpleasant or overwhelming emotions. You love the comfort that it provides, so you consider cigarette as your friend when you have a bad day. You have managed to turn to smoking to deal with your anger, disappointment, and daily stresses of your life.

Smoking cessation medications and therapies can help, but it is also important to believe that you can quit, Quitstopnow.com reminds. You can talk to an expert about your options and whether medication or therapy will work best for your situation.

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